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It's A Day Late

Hooray!! I apologize for it being a day later than I said, family things came up... It's a real excuse! Q_Q


Version Mark Change
There are a few changes to the way I'm doing updates now. You will notice that the game has a more defined version number now. The one being released is O_O I will now be showing the latest uploaded version on the side bar. Every so often I may release a small patch, for example, I may find something that should be fixed or may get a nasty bug report, I'll release the next very quickly as I will not announce these small updates so you will need to check if there is an update. (Well my weekly updates, I'll make a mention if one was released.) There won't be any major content added to these, just minor changes and fixes. The version number is now shown on the exe. If you rename it, no worries, the version number is also shown when you mouse over the exe as well as on the top-left corner of the title screen. This allows me to release little fixes and such, but remember, it's only small stuff, no new content will be added unless specifically noted.

There is one known issue with this version. When Rave Mode is used in the Mega Man area, if you go to a different map before the song is over, it will not stop like it's supposed to until you either Game Over, or the entire clip is finished. This will be fixed soon though. A few sound effects are not in the Mega Man area that should be there, so in a later version, I'll add those sounds. (Once I can find or rip them.)

Keeping your save data
As a reminder, you can keep your progress by moving the "GameDetails.ini" into the new folder.

I found a crash bug a few minutes after releasing it. >_< Fixed and reuploaded.

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