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Would've posted an update yesterday, but my roommates and I were doing stuff and when we weren't, I was playing Touhou. (#11: Subterranean Animism for those that want to know.) Beat it on Normal before the weekend was over. Stage 5 gives me trouble, as does the boss there. (I hate Rin.) x_X My roommates hate Touhou or any bullet hell game for that matter. XD

Edit: I've added a link to "Joy to Key" on the sidebar and here. It is a program that will allow you to map keys to practically any USB controller.

Here's an image showing my recommendation. PS2 controller because most USB controllers use this button set up.

Game Stuff
I'm not going to say I'm close to a demo release, but I will say that this won't take nearly as long as the Mega Man area to be released. There's not as much new content and systems to implement. The area is pretty big though. There are a ton of traps here and a few sections where you only get one chance to make a jump as well as being timed for some of them. This video kinda shows what I mean. Those latch crystals are not the theme of the area, they don't show up too often. The enemies are a bit odd in this place, but I don't want to give away what they do. I don't think they will be as memorable as the Shrouds, which are scary on Normal and a nightmare on Hard, we won't go into Distorted...

Edit: I lied about the 1-hit kill spikes in a previous post. They are back. ^_^

Game Changes
No game changes to report.
Well there is one, Water Barrier's duration was shortened by half a second. This was implemented on the release, so you already have it, I just didn't mention it.

Now that I reread this, it looks like a pretty lame update. Posted anyway!

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