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With the Mega Man levels finished, we will now venture into the awaited Black Rock Fortress. I will only be showing one screenshot from this place, and it's not even a real one, just showing you what some of the enemies look like. (If you remember a semi obscure game from the SNES era, you'll recognize them. There was another version on the Genesis as well.)

The Black Rock Fortress
I will say a little bit about the area though. Gone are the 1-hit kill spikes of the Mega Man area, now you face being dropped into pits by respawning Falcons... wait, wrong game, but you'll still probably be dropped into pits by something in there. Remember the Dusty Ruins and The Hideout and fun traps that you more than likely were caught by a few times? Then remember some of the more combat heavy areas? It's a mix of these, with a large lean towards combat. The worst enemy type is not shown in this shot though. The Shrouds, which will be a reoccuring enemy throughout the game after this point, will coordinate with each other. You will almost never fight only one, since their strength lies in working together to get you.

A lot of the more popular game worlds have been used now. During the second half of the game after the Black Rock Fortress, more obscure game references will be used. Though you will still see a few popular ones.

Other Stuff
Expect the game difficulty to rise, now that by this point you have been given enough time to learn the game's mechanics, and have a large number of abilities.

Game Changes
- Forgot to add it in before the release, in the hub for the Mega Man area, a little star will be shown next to the sub-area if you have all the items there.


Jaffe said...

Having already gotten every item from the mega man area i don't think its necessarily a good thing to add a star next to every mini zone in the hub where you have collected all the items. It almost seems like it would take out part of the frustration of going through every level three times before you find the last skill orb in napalm mans area...

CSDragon said...

Oh man, it's been too long since I dropped by. This latest update looks svveet!

Oh and to all y'all demanding an even harder mode... "Are you nuts?! Isn't easy mode hard enough?"

~Sigh, I just stink, but oh well, this game is too good to let a little thing like difficulty get in my way, ne?

CSDragon said...

Err...Also: DarkYoshi, you've gained quite a following. :D

ZephyrBurst said...

That I have. Didn't quite expect it. O_O On the difficulty note, there may be a post today or tomorrow about it and a method that has been on the backburner for awhile and finally implemented; to balance and make each difficulty a bit more unique.

Jaffe, that was reasoning that was going through the levels a lot to try and find that one you can't find, but then again, these are all completely optional. I might find its way in, it might not.