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A New Year

Yay, it's a new year! Let's try to make the best of 2010 and hopefully make it better than the previous year. GAME STUFF!!

Game Stuff
A new demo with the Mega Man area is getting very very close. This place is taking me awhile because of the large amount of content going into it. There are 7 different levels to it, a larger variety of enemy types than any other area (although Mega Man enemies aren't the hardest thing to script), the minibosses (the Robot Masters), a couple real boss fights, the gimmicks and such that go with each of these levels, story sequences, etc... x_x Hopefully it is all enjoyable. I estimate it's roughly an hours worth of play time, give or take depending on your speed and death count racked up in this place.

Story Stuff
The next demo will also finally reveal what The Darkness is. Not everything, can't go giving it all away yet.

Game Changes

- Implemented the new map feature that lets you know which areas you have everything in. You'll see how it works. I kept the old way in too.

- For the boss fight with Dark Mind, when he uses the energy balls that spiral, they have a shorter life span.

- Heart pieces have taken on a different look. Been toying with this idea for months and I find that their new animated look says "Come get me!" much more than the Zelda heart pieces. Same effect though, you must still acquire 4 to get a max life increase.

- Ring upgrades now count for 7 points of Spirit Defense instead of 6. You will not need to start a new game to get the effect. Example: If you have 4 ring upgrades, you will see that you have an extra 4 Spirit Defense.

- You can now see your overall Item % Completion within your items menu. It is possible to have 100% at this time as the game reads only the items that are currently in the game.

- Quick Time Distorters Physical Defense was decreased a slight bit, but its Spirit Defense was increased the same amount.

- Bosses are now included in the exp bonus given from the Statistician skill.

- A few people have cried (you guys know who you are) about the hall of explosions in Distortion 1, saying it doesn't give them enough time to start up, and they die instantly. That's right, you're being made fun of. :P Due to these concerns being legitimate, I have made a change. The explosions now start back a bit more, giving you more time in the beginning.
To be exact:
It was moved back 80 pixels, which gives you an approximate 0.386 seconds more time to get away. In response to this, the wall of death has been made a tiny pinch faster, so instead you get 0.385 seconds more to get away. This is on the normal setting, it has been made a bit slower for easy and a bit faster for hard. Overall, you still get more time than before, even on hard, though it's only by about 0.382 seconds more. But then again, this is only accounting for those first few seconds. (No but really, you get more time now and this hopefully fixes the problem that some of you are having.)


Jaffe said...

I noticed while i was playing through the most recent demo update that while you are adding more and more skills into the menu, which is a good thing don't get me wrong, the places that i have already put my skills in don't seam to be as good as the new ones at least for my play style. are you ever going to allow us to re-spec our selected skills in some way or another?

ZephyrBurst said...

That's not a bad idea. While I probably wouldn't have it in the final version, having an option to re-spec during the alpha releases would be a good thing since I'll be adding more and more. If I put this in, it'll be accessible from the Data Center.

Note about skill capsules: There will be exactly enough to get every skill by the end of the game.