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I have really lame titles for my updates. So let's see, what should I randomly talk about before I get to the game stuff...? ... ... ... (plus more ellipsis) Nothing. Well the soon title means there will be a new demo soon... this week. I'm sure of it!

Game Stuff
I have been using Game Maker 8 now. GM8 interprets scripts much faster than GM7 did. You will find that the game runs much more efficiently too. The loading time to launch the game has been decreased. Yay!

Game Changes
- If you play using the arrow keys, you've no doubt been annoyed by the fact that you can't interact with objects using the up arrow. This has been fixed. Overlooked things are overlooked.
- Your Resist window in the the stats sub-menu now shows your Resist % properly when you have an element active. (Remember, they add a 10% resist bonus)
- Easy and Hard mode have been slightly adjusted. Only the base stats themselves though. Reaction and recovery times have not. In a sense, Easy isn't quite as easy, and Hard isn't quite as Hard. No worries, not by much. It's a 5% difference compared to the Normal setting each way. This will play into other things later. (The Quick Time Distorter will still take 0 damage on Hard Mode without a cripple by a long shot.)

- The Metallicardian and Demon Cursor boss HP has been decreased slightly. (By about 500 points each, but their power has increased by 5)

- So I might include a harder setting as it has been asked for again and by a very interesting source. Competitions, really? O_O It will not be included in the next release, it may take some time for that, but know the full version of the game will definitely include a harder setting for those who feel extremely masochistic. As noted before, choosing this setting will lock you into it. There will be no switching in and out of it.

Other Games

Mega Man 10 Thing
I looked at Sheep Man's stage from Mega Man 10 because I was very curious as to how they used a "digital computer-ish" level and I can safely say that their idea was far different from mine. I'll give a link to it, however I warn you, only click this link if you are willing to spoil that level for yourself as they show pretty much all but the boss fight.
Click if you don't mind a Mega Man 10 spoiler

A Game Save Frustration
Games today on the current gen consoles are getting very advanced and saving methods sometimes need to change and adapt to fit the content. However there is one thing that has really gotten on my bad side that I first saw with "Smash Bros. Brawl", is that you cannot move/copy save data to say, an SD card and bring that data to another Wii. What? Why? When I got my Wii a few months after Brawl was released, I wanted a copy of the data that my brother had on his as we had done a lot. And was disappointed when I couldn't. While I didn't mind playing the game again, I didn't want to have to unlock everything again. I don't see the reason for this. Not even for the online part, which is a joke anyway as that portion is completely unplayable due to terrible network code. (Unless some magical patch has been released that I am unaware of.) If it was because of the online records then lolwut? Have the game not copy that portion of the data or separate them into different blocks so the Wii can easily know which data to not copy.

Another game that did this, which I can justify a little bit more was Demon's Souls. Now I know this doesn't happen often, but what if I want to show my character to a friend, you saying I have to transport my PS3 just for this? What if I want to back up my character? It's not saved server side like real mmos, so if my PS3 takes a dump, I lose it all. I'm sure they could have thought of something for this. It's not like you can trade items like say, Phantasy Star Online, which I will cut Sega some slack for that as they didn't want people easily cheating and duplicating items. (Happened anyway.) :P


John Talior said...

Hey Joe, I figured out that if you put the Distorted Travesty folder in your Dropbox folder ( - great service, check it out) then is backs up your games and if you have multiple computers, keeps your save files in sync.

Jaffe said...

[quote]Next Release Date: Jan 13, 2010[\quote]
Late demo releases are... Late?

ZephyrBurst said...

Yeah, it's day late. But here we go!!... In just a few moments. :D