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Distorted News and Updates

Progress is slow yet fast... yet slow.


Good news for those who want some story to guide them. The next demo section will give just that... A purpose for it all. You'll find out a bit about The Darkness and what is actually going on, which will give some much needed direction for the seemingly aimless travels Jerry and Jeremy have been engaging in.


You will be shown the Distortion world which is sure to bring about some laughs in both it's presentation and the fact that a lot of people will fall for the many traps within. Some of the enemies there will do more than trying to damage you. You'll just have to wait and see the kind of awkward traps that lie waiting for you. (Small clue to one of them, I hope you don't mind playing in either windowed mode or fullscreen when the game decides. Just don't get close to that particular attack. :P ) If you understand how to use the spells and abilities to get yourself around easier, then a plethora of goodies lay waiting for you to take, and can also create huge shortcuts. Distortion is a very open area and allows the game's momentum based movement to really shine.

New Ability

A new ability will be obtained just before entering this area called "Wave of Awesome". It is actually 4 attacks in 1. They are executed in the same way special attacks in Smash Bros. are done. They are as follows: (btw, they are all Megaman X attacks)
Neutral: Charge Shot
Down: Spin Wheel
Forward: Magnet Mine
Up: Boomerang Cutter
They behave closely to how they originally were, but obviously with some modifications. Each do the same amount of damage and cost the same. While the base power is low, it's cost is incredibly low, and if used right, you can actually gain back more Spirit Energy from using it than the cost.

Ability Change

The Fireball spell's summoning position has been raised up slightly. It will now fly over 1 tile high from a standing position, it was bumping against them before and it was kinda meh. Which also means it may fly over shorter enemies. Overall, it's better like this. (Hey I only raised it up by literally 2 pixels.) Btw, did you notice that it is the fireball Dracula from Castlevania uses?

Experience/Level Change

The required experience to level up has been reduced SIGNIFICANTLY. By roughly 40% actually. The curve was a bit ridiculous before.

New Item Pickup

A new pickup type has been added. It will increase your max Spirit/Elemental Energy by a little. Since your elemental energy can be increased now, it's stat parameter can be monitored in your menu. All the elemental Energies are counted together, so it will show them all as one. Like the other pickups, it will be shown if you have obtained them all from an area on the map.


Random Small Game Elements

This is all about little things in the game that can help you... or something.

Aerial Bounce
This is triggered by successfully hitting an enemy with your physical attack while having downward momentum in the air. It will cause you to stay air-borne for a little longer.

Week-Day Experience Bonus
Since weekends rock ass, you get a 1% experience bonus on Saturdays and Sundays. However, Mondays suck so you get a 1% experience penalty on those days.

Time sensitive Experience Changes
Due to a glitch in the game world, at 4:04am, you will not gain experience, but only during that minute.

Awesome Experience Bonus
The more Awesome Points you have, the more experience you will get from enemies. You may start to notice a small boost after some time.

Momentum Boosts with Techs/Spells
Some Techs and Spells can give erratic movement changes. Example: Mental Insurrection will bounce you in the air much like the Aerial Bounce effect.

Kill Chain Internetz Boost
When you get higher Kill Chains, enemies will have a higher chance at dropping bigger amounts of Internetz.

Boost Spirit/Elemental Energy Recovery
Successfully hitting your enemy with any attack will give a slight one time boost to your Energies. However, having a high hit combo will significantly boost your Energy Recovery. High Kill Chains and Killing Sprees also give nice one time boosts to your Energies.

Defense Boosts
When an element is active, you get a 10% resist bonus to that element type. This stacks with any skill resists and support magic. Water Barrier also has the added benefit of giving a 10% defense bonus while it's active.

Jump Attack Invincibility
When you start to see an afterimage during a Jump Attack, you are invulnerable to all enemy attacks during the rest of the Jump Attack. Additionally, the longer the jump occurred, the longer the invulnerability lasts after the jump.