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Tired But With Fixes

Patch Notes (Version
- Gate 6 changes.
  - Blocking will now remove all invulnerability time. Meaning from damage or dashing, this means you can block and parry after taking damage or from within a dash. This also means that you can take damage again almost immediately after taking damage if you use guard improperly.
  - Blocking will now force the player to block for the parry window frames. Holding has the same effect as before. This is for those of you that like to tap the button for parries.
The above 2 changes should make blocking feel more fluid. It does allow the player more room for error, but also allows for more DT tricks and shenanigans.

- There is now a sound effect (beep beep beep boop) leading up to the color pulse damage frame.
If you don't want these sounds, simply don't add them to the sound folder or rename the two sound files named (DT_ColorPulseA and DT_ColorPulseB) to something else. (Just add _ to the end of the filename)

- There is now a slight glow effect on the player when in areas with color zones. This glow color matches what the next color is that the player needs to be in.

- Fixes for potato machines.

- Metroids work fully again. (Yay!)

- Oh yeah and... more birds!

You can get the 2 new sound files under the game download links on the right.


Its Been Awhile

Patch Notes (Version
- When swapping characters, the re-swap time has been reduced from 40 -> 20 frames. (Matching it with the split party swap time.)

- Claire's second weapon of her second ability set has had its stun time buffed from 4 -> 12. I mean, probably all of you have gotten that far, BUT JUST IN CASE! Then again, I think the patch notes have spoilt this before? But anyway, that has been changed.

- More typo fixes!

- There is a bird on the back of another bird in Central City - South - Back Alley. That's the new bird addition.

- Misc. fixes like spikes not working still, etc.

- Nerfed Jerry's backdash.

- No, I didn't really.