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Very Short Break and Grackles

I'll be taking a break from DT3 for about 3-5 days while I work on a secret project for a friend. This will only delay DT3 for about 3-5 days, so no worries.

That final level is pretty sweet though.

So here's some videos of birds visiting me to hopefully tide you guys over till DT3 comes out. The Witcher 3 comes out like... tomorrow, play that, I've heard it's pretty good. And it has a 3 on the end of it!

Grackles 1
Grackles 2

Also to the comment made by Francois, 2 blog posts ago, I forgot to respond to you.
You said:
"Ah, magnifique, Monsieur le Burst!
Will there be another game similiar to DT with platforming and combat(but original sprites)?
Or a Zelda like top view game with your own sprites?"
I'm not exactly sure which idea of mine I want to do next. I may join a group of others and work on someone else's idea for a bit. I haven't done that in my own development time for awhile. At least that which wasn't small requests here and there.


Interview and How Are You

The thing I mentioned on Twitter the other day is here. Actually it was yesterday, but I'm dumb. A friend of mine has a podcast where he does interviews with people. (And other things.) On his 4th episode, he features an interview with me, about me... and stuff.

You can find it by clicking on the green word here.
It went well and all done in one cut. I did a goof and had my mic right next to my mouth during the interview which upsets me because I know not to do this. Other than that, BAM, interview. Wow I had other things to say about it, but that's just... gone. Ah yes, the interview is not entirely about DT, but mostly about me. No worries, there's no spoilers aside from stuff that happens in the first game. Also yes, that's my name on there, I don't really care if it's out there. It's so incredibly generic, as there are a bazillion others with that exact name.

Also check out Dylan's episode 2 of his podcast, I rather enjoyed that one, as it has quite a crazy and true story. I had actually heard it directly from him before hearing it on the podcast itself.

And good news, I'm not nervous about the final level anymore. The tweet last week is now a lie. Seeing it play out exactly how I've envisioned it these last few years is pretty great. It has the right atmosphere and a really good difficulty level that I feel closes up the trilogy in a great way. (Spoilers, it's pretty difficult.)