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Progress Update

I'm back from being away again. (Wow I'm away a lot.) Oh yeah, remember the spider I mentioned from the last post? Well he's back... WHY?! It stayed in my room the entire 5 days I was gone. As long as it doesn't mess with my window spiders. I have a few spiders that live along my bedroom window. They never leave the window and yes they're on the inside. They're small and as long as they stay there and don't go on my bed, I'm cool with them. I never see any other critters so they must be doing their job. Plus they keep me company.

Stuff on the Game
A lot got done on the game's systems while I was gone. Since I don't have internet or any other distractions at night where I was, I can get a lot of busy work done on the game. Interface code is really tedious, so that's mostly what I worked at this last week during the moments I got to work on this. The map system has been revamped, it gives you a lot more feedback, info on the world, and where you are much better than before. No screenshot for it, it's a secret to everybody. There's a page in the menu that displays all your character stats like charge times, recovery rate, and such for your abilities. It's probably unnecessary to show it for 90% of you, but I figured there's no reason to hide those numbers. There's quite a mixture of effects you can have on these stats based upon your skill tree and equipment.

On the equipment thought, both characters have their own slots for them, yay. If you like to metagame, the end game of this will interest you, there's quite a bit to explore in the stats department if you're that type that loves to optimize everything. (Though like I said, it's not necessary, most of you will probably go, "I like bombs, so I'm going to equip everything I can for those." Change 'bombs' to whatever you're into.) That's a good thing. Anyway... :P

Internet Stuff
(Oh yeah, the currency is still called "Internetz" because... I have no reason other than because I said so.) Anyway, internet stuff. I periodically google "Distorted Travesty". I've only posted/advertised the game on 2 sites (RRR and Shy Guy's Toy Box) and I always notice that the game is posted around various forums, which is totally fine. That's cool that the game is liked enough for people to do that. :)

But I came across something interesting while I was gone last week. I found a place where it was posted under my name. (I don't have the site url, when I find it again, I'll link to it. I wasn't on my computer when I found it. It's not in the google searches anymore.) o_O It's totally cool when others post the game in other places, though make sure it's an appropriate forum, but I don't get why someone would post it under the "DarkYoshi" name. If you see DT posted by "DarkYoshi" anywhere but the 2 places I mentioned above, that's not me. Oh well, someone loves me enough to impersonate me. :P

I've more recently been referring to myself as "ZephyrBurst" online. It's a lot more original than DarkYoshi and I kinda like it more. If you see someone online with that name, it might be me... or not. The Internet is a strange place like that. Man I'm boring, no screenshots this time. Oh yeah, to summarize this post, I hated the Duke Nukem imposter game that came out a few weeks ago. I guess Duke Nukem Forever is never actually coming out. :( I might give my opinion/review of the imposter game in the next post.


Simplified... and Spiders

You ever had those moments when you see a spider or another kind of creepy crawly on your desk and then it runs behind something out of view? Then every time you feel any movement on your arm, no matter what it is, you quickly look down at it thinking, "OMG IT'S ON ME!". That's me right now. There's a medium sized dark colored wolf spider somewhere on my desk. I have no idea where it is. Last time I saw it, it went under my laptop, or at least that's what it appeared to do. (It wasn't there.) I'm just waiting for it to jump out at me, or at my hand on the mouse, at any time now. If this post feels a bit edgy, this is why. WHERE IS IT?!

DT3 News
I'm happy with how DT3 is coming along. It's going even better than I hoped actually! The Mario area is almost complete. Sorta... the first pass is almost complete. Once all the levels are laid out and all gameplay necessary assets are in, I'll be going back through the entire thing and making things pretty with background effects. Clouds, birds... Jerry and Claire's bantering, and more humor. The main enemy type that you'll come to love/hate are the Bros. Hammer and Fire, I removed the Boomerang type unfortunately. (omg I just saw it again... and it hid again) Maybe at a later time, I'll give them some love and put them back in, but they just didn't go well with the other two. Hammer Bros spam the sky, Fire Bros spam the ground. The Boomerang Bros just got in the way and didn't mix well with the other two. You'll be seeing a lot of these two enemy types and the dynamics between the two work really well. They create interesting situational puzzles in a sense. And their differing personalities work well. The Hammer Bros show empathy for their fellow Bros, the Fire Bros are dicks. You'll see what I mean when you get to play it when it never comes out. (omg this game is going to take so long to make.)

(omg where is that spider? O_O)

Slaix will get to experience the horrors they create later this week, since he's my bi-, err tester, whether he wants to or not. >:3 Hey, if it wasn't for Slaix and a small handful of others, levels like the DT1 Data Segment would've been MUCH harder. Remember, I can only test difficulty so much. Difficulty is the main thing that I need worked out by others. (There were a few times when I said "NO, IT WILL BE THIS PUNISHING!", but those were rare.)
Oh this song.

Slaix has actually played about half of the Mario area. He got a pretty crude version of it and the game state. (It didn't even notify you of when your AP Level increases. (Not that AP Level means much. (omg I wish I knew where that spider was.)))

Gameplay Simplified
I've simplified some things. I removed 2 attack types from the game. Link's Boomerang had a unique "Boomerang" attack type, which was unnecessary. Actually the Boomerang will probably be removed altogether. Samus' Missiles also had a unique "Missile" type, which was changed. It went against how the gameplay flowed and made things more complex than they needed to be. There are now only 6 attack types and they're really easy to identify and they make more sense now.

Back on the, omg this game is going to take so long to make, note. It is... really. I won't be releasing it the way DT1 was done. It will be all at the end, BUT, once the first 5 or 6 chapters are done and I'm happy with the game's state, I'll release a demo. When that's happening... I don't know. Only the first one is done. I'll end here and with a screenshot.

(As soon as embedding works again...)


Super Jerry World

It's been 8 days since the last post, but it feels like it's been much longer. The game has been coming along awesomely, despite not being able to work on it very often. For game content, it is playable up to and through the first boss fight. When you see it, you'll see right away that the bosses in DT3 will have much more variety to them than the first two games. :)

That star does what you think it does.

Checkpoints & Saving
Checkpoints work the same way they have been and bosses will still allow you to retry. The checkpoint system works wonders in the main world for when you're traveling around looking for stuff. Random deaths are fairly meaningless out there since it starts you at the last map entrance. As for exploration and hidden items, the main world are littered with them. There are WAY more hidden maps and items than the first game. Once you have 2 or 3 Abilities Sets, your options open up a lot. (And especially after the mid-game chapter.)

Game Over Screen
You will be happy to know that it has returned to insulting you. There are a few differences...

This screen will become a common site.

It always says "GAME OVER" at the top with the insult below it. Under that are the typical 3 selections, 4 if you're in a boss fight. Below that are situational hints... or useless garbage. You're bound to see a few of them, but doubtful that you'll see them all. You'd have to die at some strange times to see them all. Also, guess the reference. It's very identical to another game's Game Over screen. (Though to be honest, those games were really easy and it was unlikely that you saw it often or at all.)

I should have more to say, but I don't. Maybe I'll review a game next time...
Infection of adorable!



Edit: (June 8, 2011) It's Jerry's birthday today! :D

I like treats, I just got a bunch of Easter candy. (Hey my family does Easter late sometimes.) My brother found more candy than me this year during our annual hunt. I'll get him next year...

Oh right, game stuff. Small post today, mainly saying hi and giving out a bit more information about DT3 stuff and development.

The Map System
It only shows where you've been. Each box is not necessarily 1 map. Most of them are roughly 3-4 maps each, give you an idea of how big that area is, and also show you how many items you have left to find.

Pointless Records
Entries you have not discovered will be hidden now.

What to do?
Jerry can't jump yet, looks like he'll have to find a way around this.

Whoops, had a small mishap.

Area Names
When going to a new area, the name is shown on the bottom-left.

These are all from the beginning area before you get the Jump Boots. (Aside from the last shot.) They also feature the dash icon lie. It'll get removed when I feel like it. That's it for now.


Game Content Started

The game itself is now being worked on. As of this moment, there's a whole 5 seconds of real game-play. (If you don't count the short intro.) They're an awesome 5 seconds though, I swear! How about a screenshot?!

This is the second screen you'll see in the game. At this point, you can only play as Jerry and he can only run and duck. That's a moving platform he's running to with a little dust being kicked up as he starts a run from an idle pose. This brings me to the small topic of effects. DT3 will be visually superior over the first 2 in regards to effects and particles. There's a lot more of these to go along with all aspects of the game from your own abilities and attacks as well as the enemy actions to the environments for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Moving platforms have been changed. You can no longer affect their pathing by getting in the way. You'll still stop them, but it won't affect anything. Some of them, like the one in the screenshot, will stop momentarily when they reach the end of their path, giving you time to get from platform to platform. Not all of them will do that little trick though. :P

The only thing that lies in this screenshot is the green icon that was used in DT2 that let you know if you had an air dash. It won't actually be there. It'll still be used, but not at this point in the game. There are still a limited number of dashes.

The cell phone reception icon next to it is something new for DT3. This lets you know what your connection to Jeremy is like. Losing your connection to Jeremy will result in him not being able to communicate with you, (obviously) and various things he offers won't be accessible such as scanning enemies, your map, and in some cases some of your abilities will stop functioning properly. If the connection starts to drop, it means something in that area is trying to block him... or you're about to enter a special area. (Like those times when you can't dash.) The reception icon, for the most part, can be ignored. Its main purpose is for me to relay information to the player about what is not going to work without having to state it every time it happens.