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Super Jerry World

It's been 8 days since the last post, but it feels like it's been much longer. The game has been coming along awesomely, despite not being able to work on it very often. For game content, it is playable up to and through the first boss fight. When you see it, you'll see right away that the bosses in DT3 will have much more variety to them than the first two games. :)

That star does what you think it does.

Checkpoints & Saving
Checkpoints work the same way they have been and bosses will still allow you to retry. The checkpoint system works wonders in the main world for when you're traveling around looking for stuff. Random deaths are fairly meaningless out there since it starts you at the last map entrance. As for exploration and hidden items, the main world are littered with them. There are WAY more hidden maps and items than the first game. Once you have 2 or 3 Abilities Sets, your options open up a lot. (And especially after the mid-game chapter.)

Game Over Screen
You will be happy to know that it has returned to insulting you. There are a few differences...

This screen will become a common site.

It always says "GAME OVER" at the top with the insult below it. Under that are the typical 3 selections, 4 if you're in a boss fight. Below that are situational hints... or useless garbage. You're bound to see a few of them, but doubtful that you'll see them all. You'd have to die at some strange times to see them all. Also, guess the reference. It's very identical to another game's Game Over screen. (Though to be honest, those games were really easy and it was unlikely that you saw it often or at all.)

I should have more to say, but I don't. Maybe I'll review a game next time...
Infection of adorable!


ScorpiusG said...

Is it me or does that Game Over screenshot reminds me a little of Kingdom Hearts?

By the way, thanks for your previous update on DT1. I managed to progress as far as I could but I got stuck in a really hard and annoying puzzle in the last level. Is the sequel continues the storyline from its prequel or does it have a separate storyline?

ZephyrBurst said...

Your memory is correct, Kingdom Hearts is what I pulled the layout from.

And I'm really glad to hear that the update worked. :) That reminds me, I need to put the Low Detail mode into DT2 cause that same effect that crashes on some computers is used in there. (And there's a sound issue on the current release.)

The sequel continues sometime after the events of DT1. The amount of time between 1 and 2 isn't explicitly stated, but it is the same storyline.

DT3 follows directly after the events of DT2.