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First Weekly Update

Not much to actually talk about for this week. Things are coming along though, and a new demo is definitely within sight. Possibly within 2 weeks!

I do have 2 screen shots to show!

You can click on the images to make them bigger. That's what she said... wait, that doesn't even make sense.

You know... adding in screen shots to this blog is kinda clunky. Anyway, I will have more to say next week... or maybe after work tonight. o_O

Random Game Stuff

I was watching my roommate play Majora's Mask on the virtual console and I suddenly had memories of when I first played that game. While not as great as Ocarina of Time, a certain part of the game always stuck with me.

It was that very first 3 days without the Ocarina. I remember how hectic those first 3 days felt. Here I was, stuck in an unfamiliar world without friends, stuck in a Deku Shrub's body, I have no clue what's going on and the only person who seems to be able to help me is a nut job mask salesman. On top of this, in 3 days this giant moon is going to crash right in the middle of this town that I can't leave because some asshole guards says its too dangerous for a lonely shrub to leave. "FML" says Link.

Apparently I needed to get on top of the clock tower, which only opens up on the night of some festival, which coincidentally happens on the same night the moon is going to hit the town. (no pun intended) Now when the tasks to actually get up there are put into perspective, its all incredibly simple, but remember, we don't know that. All we know is that we're alone, we don't know how to get up there and this moon is going to end the world. I remember the sense of dread that the time limit placed on me. Every moment counted, I frantically ran about trying to find someone or some clue that could help me get up there. A flying deku thingy will let me up there, sweet! But he wants a Moon Tear? wtf is a Moon Tear and how do I get one? Okay, go find a missing fairy, got that. Go find these 5 hiding kids... THE MOON IS GOING TO HIT IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS, WTF!! I just want to ask this guy in your hideout about a Moon Tear, stop hiding you little fucks! I'm sure you remember when a new day starts and it does that boom sound and shows you -24 hours remain- . I saw that when I had one kid left to find. Needless to say, I just wanted to find this damn kid. I find him finally, I've only got like 17 hours left. Damn it! Okay, I run in the hideout, piss off Skulltulas! Okay, look through this telescope... NO, give me the Moon Tear you old fart, we only have 12 hours left to live! I start to make my way to the flying deku thingy when just then, the doors to the clock tower open and the festival starts. Everything has this red tint, the music has this low creepy (and somewhat sad) tone to it and maybe... 2 people are out. Everyone is gone. The clock has disappeared and been replaced with a timer. I have less than 6 minutes left to get to the Skull Kid. I get the Moon Tear, and bring it to the flying deku thingy. Yay, he moved! I fly up to the clock tower and run to the top. I get bombarded with these 4 locations and bringing something here. Dude, we have 5 minutes left to live, wtf are you talking about. Now this section is actually very easy, the Skull Kid doesn't actually do anything here, but again, we don't know that, we're freaking out. 5 minutes to get my Ocarina back? wtf do I do!? Oh... just hit him with a bubble. I play the Song of Time and poof, I've suddenly gone back 3 days.

This whole first scenario was amazingly well done and a great introduction to the game. I liked the time limit the game had. It never got in the way even when playing through dungeons. It did give that sense that you needed to be quick. But seriously, if you slow down time, that's roughly 2 1/2 hours you have to complete a dungeon, which is more than enough.


Weekly Updates Now!!

Okay, time for something a little different... I'll be making a post here every weekend! No set time for them, just know that they will be on weekends. The posts will be various news about the game's progress, fun little facts, and anything else I can think of, and maybe a screenshot! And if you're feeling like it, leave a comment about anything your heart desires at the time. Comments, suggestions, flames, whatever you want to throw at me. (As long as it isn't a spear.) O_O The posts will have sections so you know where to find the info you want and can skip the stuff you don't want to read. :P

Distorted Travesty Stuff

Sound Effects
In the process of adding in more sound effects... finally! You've probably noticed a lack of sounds on many things. If you played The Happy Fun Game, you know how I like to use abuse sound. Probably going to add in an option to turn sound effects off, it will be separate from music of course.

A very much needed ability will be given after the Dusty Ruins. A teleport spell! It will teleport you to the World Map... Actually it probably won't be a spell, but just something you can do from the menu. It would be rather tedious to go to the spell menu, equip the spell, close the menu, use the spell, open the menu again and switch your other spell back in. o_O It'll probably (most likely) be a hot-key that can be used anytime the menu is open. A note about the teleport. It will be disabled at certain points. Boss fights, scenarios where you are trapped, etc. I'm actually contemplating on whether I should give it to the player just after Distortion. If I do, no worries about those who are past that point as it will automatically give it to you if you are past that point.

Saving Fact
On that note: Save data is and will always be able to be transferred from one demo version to another. This wouldn't be possible had I stayed with GM's built-in saving function, it's pretty crummy.
Fun fact: I didn't want to get rid of the option of saving anywhere. But with this new way of handling save data, I couldn't have it from the menu, it would've caused some pretty nasty issues. The save room gets rid of any issue of map loading errors and random mishaps and also keeps the player from saving after every single obstacle in rooms. (Remember the option "Load from Last Save"?) Again though, I didn't want to get rid of being able to save anywhere, which is why you'll generally find a save door at the beginning of every room.

Check Points
Another thing I might add, but I'm leaning towards no on this, is check points in levels. Meaning that if you get to that point, you can return to that spot if you say... returned to the world map. If I do decide to do this, I'm sure you'll know the checkpoints when you see them. They'll be a familiar sight. :P

Wow, that was a real update and didn't include anything from my personal life. Btw my roommate has an old fat cat that is funny to watch when she walks around... opps.


Whoa, an update

Wow, look at this, an update! Well I'm back from my summer job, (For 2 weeks now.) which was amazing I must add. Being a camp counselor is a pretty amazing job. Lots of work, but very rewarding, plus the kids are awesome. But anyway, you're not here for back-story...

A new demo may be released soonish, depending on how much time I get to work on it.

Some minor/major things changed/fixed.
- The "Load From Last Save" option now works in the Game Over menu.
- Hitting "Esc" doesn't immediately close the game now. You will have a prompt message.
- Holding up on the Save Point will not result in it multi-saving.
- Getting a Game Over has a somewhat different effect. (No changes to functionality, just a visual makeover.)
- The low health warning on screen is a little different. (Can still be turned off.)
- The higher your hit combo, the more damage your physical attacks deal. (It gradually builds.)
- Various minor makeover things that you probably won't notice. XD (Moved a few enemy spawn points by a few pixels here and there.)

Air Dashing
Some time during the game, you will gain the ability to Air Dash. To execute, hold up or down when pressing jump in the air. It takes up 1 Dash Point and can only be used once till you hit the ground again, however, if you hit an enemy while airborne, you can Air Dash again, allowing for virtually unlimited dashing without touching the ground.

Other Stuff
As always, new enemies, bosses, levels, and more! New characters introduced in a new city which will add more to the story.