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DT 1 & 2 Getting Love

Edit: (7/01/2016) New entries to DT1 stuff and a DT2 change added.

Edit: (7/03/2016) Removed the Joy2Key link entirely. I went to the site and the download links are all fishy, even from the site itself. They may be fine, but I don't trust them and so I'm no longer linking to that.

Its been a long time since I've done anything with the first 2 DT games. The last few days, they've gotten some updates that will go out possibly tomorrow.

Changes to Both Games
The big thing that both games have gotten are dash buttons along with the options that DT3 has for turning off up+jump from activating dashes, as well as the left/right or back/forward controls it has. They also have the issue where the directional buttons will cut the dashes short, along with some of the other dash control issues.

They do not have the squirrely/loose nature changed to be like DT3. Meaning in DT3, when you jump right and let go of right, the character stops, whereas in DT1&2, they carried some of their momentum before stopping. (Could possibly still change though.)
This change was made as well. 'Think & Act Fast' will sadly not be the thing it used to be due to this change. We all have the memories at least.

The input bug where your last action might be repeated after taking damage was fixed. Easiest way to replicate was to get hit and press jump during the flinch animation, you would jump again upon hitting the ground.

Dash mechanics have changed.
Forward dashing is nearly identical to how it was before, though Jerry and Claire can dash a bit further now.
Back dashing is now a short dash back.
Air dashing is nearly unchanged, but will feel a different.
The forward dashing has a bit more control now. If you dash without any directional key pressed, the dash is short, where if the directional key is held, the dash is long. Varying dash lengths lie between this.

DT 1 Specific Changes
Water Barrier now simply makes you invulnerable to projectiles. It does still eat bullets the way it did before. The way the game worked prior is that if either you were very unlucky or a bullet spawned on top of you while Water Barrier was active, you'd still get hit. There's an extra check in the damage code that handles Water Barrier now.

Some of the Beads (equipment items) were tweaked. For example:
Ribbon Bead, instead of reducing status effects by 5 seconds, it makes you completely immune to them.
Specific elemental beads give 20% elemental resist instead of 10%.
Poison Bead now poisons on the third claw attack in the combo string instead of on cripple.

Spells/Abilities had their cost descriptions match what was actually being taken. Some of them I found were incorrect when I went to rebalance them a bit. For example, making the first level spells of each element cost a bit less to cast for both spirit and elemental energy. Nature's Gift still eats both of them up because you're not supposed to be getting hit like a chump. Utility spells like Earth Shift were reduced in cost. The Rock Drill can now deal a bit of damage to lower defense enemies.

DT 2 Specific Changes
Time scores are no longer tracked by seconds, but instead by frame count, which means previous scores are not valid. :( It'll migrate your scores to the new system.



I just got fanart of me drawn by kitikami from the talkhaus. [Direct link to image]

I wasn't expecting this at all, I don't really have any words for it. A bit surreal maybe? Looks like I may need to make that image come true some day and learn how to actually summon birds. (Other than the grackles that approach me at work.)

Thanks again kitikami.

DT3 News
Nothing to announce at this particular time... well maybe there is. Something looks to be happening. An idea I've had since late last year might be coming true. ('Might' being the operating word.) What is this idea though? Well, a tweet at some point will clue you guys in. When is this tweet occurring? No one knows yet. That is all.

LPing Stuff
I've been asked if I would consider doing Lets Plays and am indeed considering this. One of the issues holding it back were what games to LP. I'm thinking Mighty No 9 may be a start. Despite all the mishaps the project has gone through, I would still like to play it. A blind LP could be a good way to start this whole LP thing.


The No Birdening Edition

Patch Notes (Version
- Shooter segment changes
  - All weapons have been improved in some manner. Chao also now displays the DPS of each weapon in the scan info.
  - Ship focus speed changed to 1/2 speed instead of 1/3 speed.
  - A weapon is no longer lost on the first hit and instead on the third hit. Reacquiring the same weapon will refill the weapon's HP. The HUD has been edited to reflect this change.

- The Strike Chain has a bit more leniency on latching. (Meaning it'll grab from further away.)
  - This was in the previous version and was the change I was monitoring. Everything checks out so it'll stay.

- A few minor level edits for flow purposes. All were pre-Gate 4 edits.

- Fixed some missing collision on a bullet bill launcher in Gate A.

- Fixed some missing damage zones on some spikey vines in Magical Hills. (The map with the Lakitu.)

- A major bug was found that isn't fixed for this version. That being no new birds were added for this patch. This is unpatchable as this patch is one time only and will forever never include an added bird. They will be missed.

This patch focuses mainly on the pew pew segment listed above. More changes may come to it, so it's a start.