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Oh Sincerity, How Convenient

Edit: (September 5, 2010) I should be releasing the game tomorrow. (Monday) I will still have some stuff to do and finish up, but everything will be playable and that's what I'm going for right now.

Edit: (September 1, 2010) All the gameplay related things are done, which means a beta release will be coming up very very soon. Just need to fix up some stuff with the ending, (which isn't all that elaborate) test something with the final boss yet again, and we're all set.

Well I quit my job yesterday. The reasoning behind it I find quite humorous as it is very similar to certain themes presented toward the end of Distorted Travesty. If you're curious, (and this may be a subtle spoiler for the game) I quit due to moral differences between myself and the way the company is run. They deal in very shady business practices that I simply cannot associate myself with. Everyday would leave a bad taste in my mouth as I would be supporting and representing their unscrupulous methods. As far as who I was working for, I am under a restraint for a few days due to a term in their employment agreement, so I will not disclose who they are at this time. I doubt it pertains to things like saying why I left their company, but I will still wait till that clause has ended.
(No worries on what I will do for work, I have that taken care of.)

Game Stuff
As for the game, it is still coming along. The delay I stated before is still in place, it will/should be early September. I don't foresee any issues coming up on the development side of things so it's a straight shot from here. No changes to state this time, it hasn't had much work on it between last Thursday and today. I've been busy, mostly with life, partially the issue stated above, and etc. Also the 22nd was my birthday, yay!


Slight Delay in Beta Release

Edit: (August 25, 2010) Alright, it will definitely be delayed until early September. It's still getting closer and closer to being completed though. :)

Oh delays, we're all used to them by now. Seems like most big games out there get hit with this. My reason/excuse is I'm going to be busy this week. From the time of this post till about Sunday. So there will be a week delay, possibly released the first week of September. (Though I doubt it since I'm ahead of where I thought I'd be.)

When you guys see the end, you will understand why this is taking so long. It will be worth it, I like to save the best for last. And yes, this is the end of the update today. Nothing to really announce at this time and no changes to list.

Game Changes
Wait wait wait... there is one... guess what changed again...

- Yep, Water Barrier changed again. Its casting time has been significantly reduced and its casting costs have been reduced slightly as well. Final change to this ability.
Okay two more changes...
- Flood has been changed too and its description fixed. It says it costs 280 Energy, but it actually costs 250 Energy. Its power has been boosted significantly, making it the most hard hitting ability next to Kudeku.
- Piercing Stream's power has been reduced very slightly.
You know... nevermind...
Almost all of the abilities have been redone on the casting time/power side of things.


Almost Done

Edit: (August 13, 2010) It's Friday the 13th, which means... well nothing. A few have been asking when the update is. More of you are anticipating the last update than I thought. Same answer as before, some time near the end of the month. Probably between the 22nd and the 30th. There were quite a few subtle changes with the casting times. A lot of them have been slightly reduced. Other than that, no major changes have been made. It's almost finished though, another week or two!

Edit: (August 8, 2010) A small update is now available. (13.3) The file size bumped up a bit, but that's as big as it will get, maybe another 2mb will be added, but for the most part, all the content is in the game. The final level is still locked till I finish the end scenario though. One other change this has is there are now characters that give a small hint to where the hidden maps are. They are always in the maps where the hidden one branches from. The item count in the inventory menu is the final item count, so until I open up the final level, you won't be able to get 100%.

Alright, the Data Segment is done as well as the boss, yay! I still have a few more little things I need to fix up. I'd like to get most of these things done before I release it. The end sequence still needs to be scripted, which is coming along nicely.

All the collectibles are in the game, so yay again!
The bug where the boss health bar grows and shrinks when you damage the boss has been fixed. (All I had to do was move a line of code down 3 lines, no joke.)
Slaix has done a run through the Data Segment and has given some nice suggestions/critiques, so everyone else gets a more balanced version of that for the beta release. The final boss is as balanced and bug free as I think it's going to get. I've done NUMEROUS tests on it. (No, Slaix didn't get to see that, he has to wait for the beta too.) :P

Even though it's so close to being finished, still be expecting toward the end of August.

Oh yeah, I'll be nice and give a single screenshot, but I won't explain it. Enjoy! :P