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Menu Font Update

Edit: (12/14/2014) In that screenshot, there's an entry for 'AP Gained From Boosters' that is now useless. Like, more useless than the useless stats. So what other useless stat could replace it.

Give me your suggestions for useless stats/things to track!

Because past me thought it was fine to use a serif font.

That was fixed recently and the pause menu is now readable.

AP Gained From Boosters needs to be depreciated.
And I guess... that's it? Yeah that's about all I'd like to mention this time. I'm nearly done with another big part of the game, so yay!

Ah yes, Recognitions are DT3's Achievements, but I'm not revealing those and their silliness. I'll probably be fairly quiet on posting for the remainder of the year sooo... see you all next year and have a great holiday thingie-ma-bob!


I Didn't Want To Do This

As an online identity, as ZephyrBurst, a guy who (for now) makes hobbyist games, I had chosen to stay silent for current issues in gaming culture. I've never supported GG, and never will, but I also didn't want to be part of any of that. All I want to do is make and play video games. I just like things to be simple. I have been watching it all unfold since this stuff blew up in August, but I've remained an on-looker.

However, I can't be silent anymore and really, a silent supporter is useless. Things have become a bit more personal now. A friend of mine has been a target of the misogynistic bullshit that is happening and its been an eye opener in all this. I will be speaking out against inequality and unfairness from this point on.

I would like to note that this will probably be the only post about this on the blog, but in the places I may frequent where these discussions occur, I'll be there. You may see my twitter get a bit heated from time to time as well. I've watched this stuff from the sidelines for way too long and its been angering.

Blog Update
We'll be returning to DT stuff after this, which by the way, I'm making some dedicated pages for the three games. The first draft buttons on the side will link to the start of those. I'll be expanding those and getting a better format sometime this month. (Maybe? or January :P DT dev tends to come first.)


More Control Options

Edit: (12/5/2014) Doing some tests with blog pages for a bit. You may see the side bar change here and there for the next few weeks.

I've had suggestions in the past about adding in dash buttons, so those are in DT3 now. The biggest reason I added them though, is I feel that dashing is the most important mechanic in the DT series. More options to access and set up the dash how the player wants it is a good thing then. (And the arguments to add it were also well presented.)

Up/Down + Jump can still be used of course, but with the dash buttons, the option to disable up/down from initiating the dash was added. The dash buttons also have 2 modes. You can set them as 'Dash Left' and 'Dash Right', or as 'Dash Back' and 'Dash Forward'. For controllers, they are default to the shoulder buttons.

During all my playtests since this functionality was added, I've kept to the old method of dashing when playing on a keyboard, but with a controller, the new method is far better. I'm sure any of you reading this that played DT1 or 2 with a controller will immediately understand why.

Smash Bros.
It's fun.

What's Left
One more major level left for Chapter 19, and 3 more boss encounters. (Scripting one now.) The sequence to get to the location that Chapter 20 takes place, where I mix two mechanics together.

Here's some MLP thing out of nowhere.
Also the blog has been linked on reddit apparently.