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On Time (Ver 1.09)

Patch notes for Version
- Mario stomping now has consistent rules across all enemies. (A few of them you'd fall through if you had taken damage.)
- You can now turn around while in the ducking state.
- Taking damage and/or changing characters/abilities will no longer remove your charge level.
- You can teleport out of completed Gates. (Gates 1 - 5 anyway)
- Jerry's Fuse Bomb explosion range upgrade change: 3% -> 4% blast radius increase per level
- Claire's Morph Bomb explosion range upgrade change: 5% -> 7% (same as above)
- Claire's Hair Whip now starts with 5 more power and a bit more extra stun time.
- Note: There is no need to start a new save for any changes. Everything carries over.

- MORE BIRDS!! There's even a new bird type on a few maps. (Purely aesthetic.)


Up Next and (Ver 1.07)

Edit: There was another change in this update that I forgot to mention. Achievements now have clues, but the game has to have been beaten for those clues to show up. Starting a new game or reloading your save after completing the game are both valid options.

Its been a few days past the one month anniversary of the DT3 release. I figured wait a few days after the anniversary considering how long it took for the game to come out after my first projected release date.

With the anniversary comes a small patch that doesn't really do much. Yay!
- It makes a few minor level design adjustments for quality of life purposes, but nothing really gameplay changing.
- CV Heart pickups (the heart energy restore ones) now recover 5 hearts instead of 3.
- Actually here's a bug fix. I found a piece of ground that had no collision... It has collision now. If you saw the stream where I was playing Gate 3, then you saw that bug and saw it fixed on camera. OH MAN!
- Birds, so many birds. Like lots of birds now. SO MANY OF THEM!!

What is Zephyr Doing Now
Mainly playing video games and trying not to open the DT3 project anymore. I've been prototyping lots of things. I've messed around with making physics work in GM:Studio. I got a multiplayer network test that works. I might combine the two and see if I can reliably sync multiple clients with a bazillion physics objects everywhere. It'll succeed, but there's a 99.9% chance it won't be used for anything other than personal amusement and experimentation, especially considering the next thing I want to do has nothing to do with physics based gameplay. Multiplayer stuff, yes. Even though right now it may not be THE next thing, but I am experimenting a lot with getting multiple clients to sync up.

If I do go the multiplayer route, a bit about that. I've mentioned this before, but I'm a huge fan of asymmetrical gameplay, wherein multiple players (in my case, two) have differing play styles and are working together toward the same goal. The game Evolve does this really well. Planetside of course is another. (Which is totally free to play... you just need a fairly decent computer to run it. By the way, play on the Emerald server.) I've had a few ideas on multiplayer games using the above thing for quite some time. One of them involves a bird. I'll just stop there.

I've recently gotten into Life is Strange, which is super great. It centers around this girl that gets the ability to reverse time. It's primarily a story based game where you reverse time to change the outcome of events to your liking. So far, changing things has certainly had an impact on future events. The other game is Yoshi's Woolie World, because I like the yoshi games. (Though some of the recent ones have been less than... decent.) Woolie World is super adorable. I play it whenever Jeremy is around so we co-op it.

I just mentioned 4 games to you guys, go play one of them, preferably Life is Strange, because it's great.