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The DT3 Patch With Some Tester Levels

The patch is now available. There is a new music file so the exe is packaged with it. A readme is included that will instruct you to place it in the music folder.

Patch Notes
  • Patch
    • A few adjustments to a tester level in Side B.
    • 2 birds added that watch over Side B.
  • Hotfix
    • Only fixes up the Dualshock 4 gamepad profile. If you have and you don't use a DS4 controller, there is no need to get this update.
  • The Nightmare mode has had significant changes. Note that not all of these changes will be retroactive with current runs.
    • Idle abilities will now recharge faster than on Normal mode.
    • A few skill freebies were given prior to this update, but a few more were added. These are now reflected on the skill tree.
    • An heart container is obtainable through the Challenge Trials.
    • A selection of equipment is available from the game's start with all 3 slots available as before the update.
  • If you have obtained the true end of the game, the B side of Bubble Tower will be open. This location includes some tester ideas for levels as well as a few experiments from myself in its basement.
  • A few maps had minor tweaks for better flow purposes.
  • Warmaster should no longer be able to swap forms and immediately attack.
  • More birds have indeed been added. A lot of birds... like... A LOT of birds.
  • Turrets from a certain superboss will now auto despawn after 10 seconds.
  • For those using the built in Gamepad function, you should no longer jump upon starting a map after selecting an option from the Game Over screen. (Jump and Confirm are the same button.)
  • 2 new gamepad profiles were added.
  • The camera will no longer be stuck after beating the Gate G boss.
  • Assist Mode can still be used in the Boss Gallery, but the record will no longer count.
  • Other misc. fixes because I didn't note every change.


Patching An Older DT

The first Distorted Travesty got a little QoL update today. Most of these were made after the patch to it last year, but were never fully approved for public release till going back to look at them again recently.

DT 1 Patch Notes
Edit: (8/27/17) New patch!
  • Removed most of the healing stations since save points have their function now.
  • Shrouds should no longer spawn during first visits to locations other than the Detritus.
  • Shrouds will show up less often in the Detritus.
  • Shrouds should show up slightly less on repeat visits to locations.
  • Rock Drill has been buffed by quite a bit.
    • Old version: Base Power 10, utilized 40% of Spirit Power.
    • New version: Base Power 50, utilizes 70% of Spirit Power.

  • Blast Off cooldown resets when landing.
  • The jump attack has had considerable changes.
    • It can be controlled just a bit while in the air.
    • It will now deal much more damage as it now checks horizontal distance traveled for its damage calculations. Before it was only vertical distance. This will cause dashing jump attacks to be much more usable.
    • An infrequent bug where the player could get stuck in the jump attack has been fixed.
    • The time/distance that it takes to reach i-frames with the jump attack has stayed mostly the same, though a dashing jump attack will achieve this faster.
  • Necrobane no longer summons invisible lasers and his sky laser attack will no longer 'jump around' when reaching HP thresholds.
  • The Shroud Lord has had a few QoL changes. When starting his final desperation attack, all of his laser attacks will be removed. His hands will also despawn if they are active. (They still respawn at the end of the attack.) This removes having to manage HP thresholds for his final desperation attack. The hands will still remain for other desperation attacks though.

The DT3 Patch
There is still a patch for DT3 coming up that many of you are aware of. The biggest attraction is the opening of the Bubble Tower B Side. It has been changed from only tester levels to also contain a few experiments as well. Not all the tester levels will be in this patch, but a substantial one will be in.

The bug on Nightmare Gate G boss where the camera gets stuck after the fight will also fixed. Until the patch goes live, simply force game over after the fight and the game will resume as normal. (If you'd like to proceed without a +1 to death count, save and then reload from save and the game will still resume like normal.)


Streams & Videos

There's been a lot of DT3 activity on the player side specifically in regards to streams. More than I can keep up with. There's even been two speedruns of the game, starting with Quof's insanity of 28 hours straight.

Completed Speedruns
Quof's play-through can be seen on twitch. Quof, for your health, don't do that again.

WhattayaBrian is the other speedrunner who as of this writing, has the fastest run with 17 hours.

Completed Play-throughs
Ilvocare has streamed the entire series from beginning to end.

Kefit did a play-through on twitch as well. He has quite a few analytical criticisms of the game strewn throughout the play-through that were interesting to listen to.

Moogy also has a playthrough, though on the game's Nightmare mode, and has Wahfuu co-commentating with him. The two have a really good dynamic that's just fun to watch and listen to. I really hope they do another stream together like this as they're an absolute joy to listen to and work well together from what I saw. There's a few later times I add my voice to their stream and was afraid to do so at first due to thinking I'd get in the way of their dynamics together. Things turned out really well though.

Special runs currently going
Slaix playing the game with a really awful controller. He has a camera aimed at his hands so you can see the awfulness of it. It creates humorous moments and luckily Slaix is very familiar with the game:

Cousinoer5 is a crazy man and is attempting the game at 2x speed. Uh... good luck? But really though, it's fun to watch.