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Less Video Games

Edit: (August 22, 2013) Today is my birthday. I demand many sacrifices.

In the last year, I've probably played more games than I had the 4 years prior to it. So, I've been playing a lot of games lately. However, it is safe to say that this has fallen back to what it was before, which means... my rapid development should return. It's partially why Gate 5 has taken so long to finish, though it's mostly due to it not being planned as well as it should have been. Many things had to be retuned along the way, both with discussion with the testers, and on my own with my internal build.

The release is still set for sometime in 2014. It'll get done, but the release date is still simply "Sometime around that year." I'll be able to give a better time once the project is a bit further along. Having Gate 5 finished will speed things up considerably, I'm currently finishing the final encounter. There's an escape sequence as well, but I consider it part of that final encounter.

DT3 Demo LP
Yep, someone else has done it. We've seen his LPs in the past. With this one, he's almost done. You can find ShadowSonicPSF LP here. He does voice commentary, remember, it's in Portuguese.

DT3's Easy Mode
I mentioned in a video that DT3 would have an easy mode and that it wouldn't be anything too fancy, most likely just a mode where damage to the player is cut in half. With its purpose to allow the player to either test things out a bit easier or to get through a tough section that they're having a lot of trouble with. (Like the case with the Shroud Lord. I've heard many people switched to easy for that encounter.)

Keep in mind that a few of these things may change, but here's how it is in the current test build.
  • Damage to the player cut in half from all sources.
  • AP gain is cut in half.
  • Weapon exp gain is cut in half.
  • No AP or weapon exp is gained for boss fights.
  • No money is dropped from enemies.
This mode is not meant to be played until it's needed by the player and even then, it's only meant to be a temporary aid. So, it is not available when starting a new game. It's gained more in the style of DMC where if the player loses enough, the easy mode unlocks. Its UI element is added into the Game Over menu, just like DT1 utilized it. The player will be able to freely switch in and out of it at any time from that menu once it is unlocked.


Bad Video

There are now 2 birds that eat from my hand, and the one mentioned previously is even more friendly than before. She's landed on my hand a few times now as well. Still no video or even pictures, she still doesn't like the camera/phone when it's held up.

Gate 5 Stuff
Most of this is in video format. I'm not sure why the video quality is down to 240p. When it was first uploaded, it was higher. A few minutes after processing was done, the quality dropped a ton. Also I think I need a new mic. It's an old cheap one. Or I just need to get better at speaking into one and slow down. I never remember how fast I talk until I hear myself back.