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Oh Man! Another Update

These are going to be slowing way way down as a project I'd like to put into an actual working prototype has taken hold. Now then, THE PATCH NOTES! This one has some good stuff in it.

Patch Notes

  • Invisible platforms will no longer plague a certain hidden boss.
  • Jerry and Claire will no longer use their partner's damage boosting equipment for damage calculations if swapped after firing a weapon. Sorry you guys who use this bug, I know some of you enjoy it.
  • Quite a few new stats are tracked under the Records pages. None of them are retroactive unfortunately.
  • More birds of course!
  • When selecting 'Load Last Save' or 'Return to Title Screen' from the save sub-menu, the cursor will default to Cancel. The confirmation menu has also changed color from green to red so it no longer blends in with the menu.
    • This same confirmation menu is now used for the world map variants.
  • Bumping Mario blocks from below will now cause damage to enemies directly above it.
  • There are a number of map changes, mostly small. A few of them have switches that open up short cuts. For example, a switch is located at the top of Grand Rising that opens a pipe near the bottom... that leads to the top. (No more traversing back up the Grand Rising if you've done it before.)
  • Fixed a memory leak involving the dark maps. This may not be connected to the issue of them not working properly at times.
  • Jaimers beat the super boss without taking damage. Check it out here. (Do not click if you don't want spoilers on what it is.) Disclaimer, this is not a patch note, but it is listed in the patch notes. I blame the birds.