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Don't try to decipher the title, it means nothing, it's just what was randomly on my mind just now. Something to do with my roommate. When will you get a new demo with a new area to play in? Not until 2010 unless I magically speed up production of this which is unlikely.

Game Changes
- Made a very minor change to the Kirby boss, you won't even notice it.
- The Castlevania boss has been made a little easier, he doesn't spam as harshly and when he rages around the room, he does so a little bit slower.
- A few more enemy spawns have been removed. (Not many though.) Mainly for gameplay flow purposes.
- There may be a few power ups added in some of the previous areas. This may happen throughout development till the final version.
- Possibly this release or the next, a new way to show if you have everything in an area will be used. Instead of hovering the mouse over the level icon to see, a little trophy icon will be displayed next to the level icon on the map itself. I'll probably be taking out the previous method completely which means you won't be able to see which type of items you are missing. I'll switch to this new method unless I get a lot of "No we like the current one." The upside to the new one is you can see at a glance where you have everything.

All the new spells and abilities you will get in the Mega Man zone are ready. The screenshot shows you what two of them look like, but I won't say what they do.


The 22nd Anniversary of a Cold

The title makes little sense, but so does getting sick and feeling dead this last weekend. Glad that's over.

Game Stuff
You would think that in celebration of Mega Man's 22nd Anniversary I would release an updated demo of the game considering the new content is the Mega Man area. Well guess what? I'm not releasing anything. Yeah I know sad face. :( Maybe a lack of planning, maybe a lack of being done with the area, and it could also be a lack of remembering it... probably all of these. So here's a screenshot instead.

Don't make assumptions that you will surely make anyway from the screenshot about the obvious changes in gameplay in this area. Also, pay no mind to the out of place blocks that you will surely notice. Before I end this brief message, I will add that yes, spikes do in fact result in the Game Over screen with a single touch.

Game Changes
-A Healing Post has been placed in the Dusty Ruins. One room before the boss cause I'm an ass.
-Very minor adjustments to a few bosses.
-Fixed up some grammar issues with the dialogue. On that note...

This will constantly be revised throughout the project. Consider this, all the story text for the entire first half of THFG was revised at least once. And the first few hours of the game revised (as well as select areas) roughly 3 times. The dialogue in a lot of cut-scenes for Distorted Travesty, I think anyway, is pretty bad. Before the final full release, expect a lot of the dialogue to be rewritten/edited.

Something that's a surprise to me, 2 people have asked if there will be a 4th unlockable difficulty setting. Is Hard not making you feel masochistic enough? There are no plans for a harder difficulty at this time, but who knows, some people get their wish. (I'll be making it like the Hard mode on THFG to where you can't wuss out and change the difficulty if this is made available to you.)

Edit: The post time is actually 2 hours later, blogger still thinks I'm in California. How cute.
2nd Edit: Fixed the time zone.


No, I Don't Sleep

It's true, I never sleep... except for when I do. Quick note to those that don't know, I'm back in Austin, Texas... have been for 2 weeks. And now on to non real life stuff.

Probably wondering what the black space on the left is... we'll just call it the dead zone. Anyway you guessed it, the Mega Man area is under construction. This shot is all I'm giving you. I'm sure it's familiar and yes there's a few changes, bite me, you will understand once you've seen it in game. (You're going to die here a lot.) You all know how a typical Mega Man game plays out so I don't have to explain that. I definitely won't be using 8 different levels, (or even 6 like the first Mega Man) that would just drag this section on too long. And with how evil I like to get, I don't think you want 8 levels + a wily stage or 2 of platforming mayhem. Expect at least 5 or 6 different areas in all though. Bosses and events will of course be a secret. Can't give away subplots, this will even feed into the main plot line as well. I definitely can't wait to unleash this upon you all. ^_^

I recently (3 days ago) saw that there is going to be a Mega Man 10. That's a half fail considering Mega Man X. o_O Even though I've been ranting on about Capcom milking Mega Man EVEN MORE, and making fun of the lame Sheep Man... seriously... Sheep Man, I almost want to make fun of that in Distorted Travesty, but I'll let it rest. Despite all my cynical remarks at the game, (would have been cool if they did a downloadable series, each one bumping up the bitrate, MM10 being 16-bit and so on) I'll still probably be lame enough to get it. $8-10 isn't that much. (Even if I beat MM9 within a few hours of downloading it) One other thing I noticed is a computer related level with cursors as enemies and all that jazz... ... ... I beat you to it Capcom, get off my territory. :P

Game Changes
I've cut back some of the enemy spawns in a few of the early areas. Up to Dreamland, there were just way too many in some areas. Areas after that I've already fixed up and by that time, you have enough base Spirit Recovery to blast through most group with spells.

Also... The Game. <3


A Little Updated Demo

The last release got a nasty crash error due to some file purging I was doing and I messed up. (Deleted something that was needed) Luckily this was found right away.

There are a few changes.
- You now build power when you Air Dash. As long as you don't hit the ground, you will build up power. There is a new skill in the Skill Submenu to speed this up.
- The spin animation is faster when doing the forward ground dash.
- Minor change on the aerial bounce effect, you float very momentarily with the bounce now.

I think that's it actually. I had to move again and was very busy, hence my disappearance and not much work being done on this.