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Actual DT3 Mods

Update, the Andrew mod is linked below.

Its been quite a year for everyone, but we've all experienced it together, so no need to really address that further. Instead, I wanted to share a bit about two DT3 mods that have been in the works for some time. These mods are not made by me, but I do endorse them as they're both really cool in different ways. Both of them aren't out just yet, but I wanted to bring some attention to them before they released. (And so they'll both stop feature-creeping and just release them already, lol.)

The Andrew Mod (Altered Insanity)

The first to talk about is Andrew's mod that focuses on the equipment in DT3. All 40 pieces of equipment have had massive changes that both make the game easier and harder in a very challenge run focus. Stuff like causing temporary 1-hit kill spikes to spawn on your location so you have to stay on the move. I don't want to spoil them though, cause a lot of them change the game in sometimes very drastic ways. If you wanted to replay DT3, but with some odd/quirky challenge rules, this is the way to go. He also has a room of extra challenges and a full new level all aimed for end-game players.

Get the Andrew Mod here.

It doesn't have the base game's music and sounds, so add the audio from this update to your existing audio folders and place the exe from this in the same root folder DT3 is in and bam, it'll all work.

The Spinach Mod

The next one is spinach's mod that, at first, started as a silly joke to add a Hex Ring to every map in the game. But this then morphed into a full on game mod with some bigger changes throughout the entire game. If you're looking for a sort of 'hard-mode' version to the main game, this is the mod for you. I've not played through the entire mod just yet, but what I did play was pretty cool and full of fun (and sometimes really funny) surprises. I've seen others stream earlier versions of the content though. This mod also has a new level aimed at end-game players.

Both of them started the mods to be smaller changes to the game, but eventually went on to become much more substantial. The feature-creep is real, but jokes aside, both put in a lot of work going through DT3's spaghetti code to make these mods. I believe both will work with existing save files, but I'd suggest starting a new one if you're going to play these. Both mods work with Nightmare and Achilles mode as well. If you've never played DT3, I don't think I can suggest the mods, lol. They are both definitely aimed at players that have gone through it at least once.

Once they're ready, I'll post them here.