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Where are we at now

My final playtest has finished and TONS of stuff has been reworked and fixed up. I still have a few more things to go through that the testers have sent me, which also shortens my own list of things that are still on it.

The big thing left is finishing up the final encounter with the actual final guy final final battle final. I left it unfinished when the project was 'finished' back late in late June. Both so I didn't simply go "IT'S DONE, RELEASE IT!" before it should be released and to screw with the testers.

There was definitely a lot to fix and I figured this final playtest would take at least a month, considering I knew there were a few things that would need to be completely reworked. Some of them being those early bosses. When everything is done, I'll be running through the game one more time, but don't fret, it's going to be primarily me debug mode'ing (what?) into all the events to make sure all the stuff triggers like it should and that I didn't break any of that last minute. Should only take an afternoon. There's a lot, but I'm not going to be checking dialogue or actually 'playing' the game, all that's been done. I'll just be checking to make sure it all works still, because I'm paranoid like that.

Of those two trailers I mentioned, one is nearly done, and the other is in the works now. I've seen one of them and it was pretty nice. Looking forward to what the other one shows and how it themes itself. (The only big rule was they couldn't show anything from the final level.)


We're Looking Good Here

I'm at the tail end of my final playthrough of the game. We (well the testers mostly) are nitpicking the balls out of the game and finding all those little nagging things. Not everything will be addressed of course. I'd like the game to be released this month and not in 5 years from now. I'd be (somewhat) happy with releasing the game right now. It's in so much better shape than it was even 2 weeks ago. However, there are still a few things that need to be addressed and I'm also awaiting on not one, but two trailers for the game that people are being super cool about making for it. Those will be announced when both have been shown to me. I'll also be making a thread on the talkhaus about the game when that time comes. I say there specifically since that's where the majority of the players come from.