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Prototype Post (Ver.

Edit: I can never not use a solid state drive again. Everything runs so much better.

This patch is simply a few small things like fixing the HUD. The main reason I'm sending this update out now is that this hard-drive is failing. (Or I just need to do a clean install of windows on it.) Luckily if it is truly dying, I just got a solid state drive that I've yet to install, so the timing on that is pretty great.

No worries, I always back up my project files. I just want to make sure that, in case I don't get around to reinstalling GM8.1 on the new drive any time soon, that those little things were addressed for any new players. (Because most of you reading this have probably already played through most of the game by now.)

GM:Studio is great and definitely would have alleviated some of the issues that were in DT3, or more specifically would have made development easier and smoother. Things like setting up customizable gamepad controls would have been as straight forward as the keyboard counterpart, but in GM8.1, its gamepad support, while there, isn't as well done as Studio. As for the next project, I'm still not quite sure what I'm doing next. Prototyping various ideas has been most of what I've been doing in game stuff. It's getting narrowed down though.

Some of you may have caught me streaming an old game I had made roughly 10 years ago and I have gotten the question about why I don't host it as a download here. To be honest, because I feel it's overall, very shitty, and I don't feel it's worth anyone's play time. Its been entertaining streaming it though. I'll start posting on twitter when I begin a stream of the game. We're getting close to the end on stream, and there should only be about 3 or 4 more streams, depending on the length of time I go.


Strangeness (Ver

Edit: Yes, I'm aware that the new HUD element is placed behind the water doobally-do HUD thing in the desert, that'll be corrected in the next patch, whenever that is.

Patch Notes (Version
Quite a few changes and additions this time. And a new play mode!

- When the following locations are completed, you can teleport to their starting room.
  - Mountain Temple
  - Displaced Construction Site
  - Magical Castle

- You will now start with full ammo for all weapons upon dying... because I'm merciful.

- There is now a new HUD element displaying which Ability Set each character currently has equip. This will not display unless both characters can equip at least 1 of their 2 main abilities. (And does not display during the Ch.16 event.)

- The boss at the end of the Magical Castle now has a sound effect for his large laser attack. (See note below.)

- The equipment items [Mystic Dagger] and [Blessed Vessel] had their debuff effect reduced from 50% to 20%. (This was actually in the previous version, but I did not note it, so I decided to arbitrarily note it now.)

- There is now a new mode called [One Hit Kill Mode] where you die in one hit from everything. This can be paired with Nightmare mode if you really don't like yourself. The game will inform you on how to unlock it the same way it does with Nightmare mode. If you've beaten the game once, then you'll have this displayed the same as nightmare mode already.

- There is now a new record that counts how many birds you have seen on screen.

- And of course, more birds! (And a new pointless map on the north-west side of Central City.)

Other notes: There were 2 new sound effects added for this version, so an extra link is provided that has these 2 new sound files. They will be hosted on my dropbox only, as I'm not going to clutter up the host's ftp with these sorts of things. Just place these in the Sounds folder and boom, you're ready to go. (I also included the updated air bubble sound, which you can replace if you'd like.) These new sounds are not necessary, but for extra clarity on a late game boss, I recommend them.

Non-DT Stuff
We got up to 75F here and it's December.