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New patch is ready!

Patch Notes

Extra Patch Notes for Version: [6/30/2018]
  • The 'Up to Unmorph' option no longer causes unmorphing issues after going down pipes.
  • Another swap option has been added called 'Dedicated (Fixed)' which auto swaps back to the Melee sets upon switching characters. Meaning, switching to Jerry will always swap to his Link set regardless of what he was in before swapping to Claire. (Note that if you were using the Hold+Direction setting before this version, you'll need to reset back to that upon playing this patch.)
Notes for Version [5/21/2018]
  • Equipment increasing the drop rate of items have been buffed significantly.
  • More bosses have camera locks.
  • After the first attempt on the Abomination boss fight, all following attempts will skip the 17 second intro upon 'starting' the fight as you normally would. The boss gallery variant will always skip the opening with the timer resetting when the player starts the fight. The gold time has been adjusted.
  • Deci20k fight now has a checkpoint after John shows up. The boss gallery variant will always start at this checkpoint. The gold time has been adjusted.
  • The option 'Up to Unmorph' has been changed to 'Morph Controls' and the option to allow double tapping down to morph has been added to it.
  • A new door in Bubble Tower B side has been added. All the lower doors are now numbered. The new door is 6!
  • A bunch of other small fixes/changes.
  • More birds.


And Out of Nowhere, A DT2 Patch

This is just a notice for a DT2 patch. Yes, that game, the one in the middle.

Patch Notes
  • The challenges will now properly update your best time. Those medals can now be obtained!
  • The final encounter had a few segments shortened. Mechanically it is the same, but most notably the beginning is shorter.
Full Game Download

Download for those that are updating

And that's it. Guess I can get on that DT3 patch I mentioned months ago that I said would be in February.


A New Year and New Games (and Update)

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I ended the year with the flu, but that's now in the past. Maybe this year we'll get a glimpse of something else I'm working on.

Patch Notes for Version
  • Nightmare mode unique Megaman ability has changed from a 4th level charge to being able to store up to 3 fully charged shot. Many have been calling it the Moogy Buster due to its inspiration during Moogy's stream of Nightmare mode many months ago where these things were discussed.
  • A few bugs were fixed, most notably the dagger pickups no longer upgrade holy water, which means the holy water upgrades now actually work. The scaling for both weapons was the same and no damage changed were made. The changes are retroactive as well.
  • Brian's Bubble Tower level was slightly changed in that only Mario abilities work in it.
  • Birds were added to the map the player starts in.

This patch was done quite some time ago, but I was going to add a little special thing for certain fans of the game, but the Nightmare Megaman ability has been requested, so the update is a bit early. Another update within a few weeks may happen. There's another project I'm in the middle of finishing up, so when that's done, I'll get back to adding this special thing into DT3.