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And Out of Nowhere, A DT2 Patch

This is just a notice for a DT2 patch. Yes, that game, the one in the middle.

Patch Notes
  • The challenges will now properly update your best time. Those medals can now be obtained!
  • The final encounter had a few segments shortened. Mechanically it is the same, but most notably the beginning is shorter.
Full Game Download

Download for those that are updating

And that's it. Guess I can get on that DT3 patch I mentioned months ago that I said would be in February.


Anonymous said...

Ok but is DT4 real

ZephyrBurst said...

It is not, that was just an April 1st thing.

FrogInABox said...

Out of curiosity, was the DT4 joke an actual screenshot of an existing game, or just a mockup? If it was, what was the game?

ZephyrBurst said...

It was just a quick Photoshop mockup. I took a chunk out of a Megaman Zero map from vgmaps, unedited, then did up a quick 'HUD' that looked probable for DT. The sprite can be found Spriters Resource in the custom area. It's of Kid from Chrono Cross.

FrogInABox said...

Any meaningful updates to report as of late?

ZephyrBurst said...

DT wise, not much.
There are some good quality of life updates I've made in the coming patch though, but I'll be posting about it when it goes live.