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The End is Near

Edit: (June 30, 2010) The tower is almost complete, possibly by tomorrow. When it's finished, I'll upload the new version for you guys. It's being thoroughly tested, so there shouldn't be any bugs.
I'll go ahead and tell you now that floor 26 and up are going to be a nightmare. The last few sets don't mess around and some scenarios in them will be harder than the final area. On that thought, development will start on it shortly. :)

Edit: (June 27, 2010) After completing floor 15 of the tower, trying to go to floor 16 from the reward room will give an error. You can click ignore though and it will still record that you completed that set.

Released an updated version. This is quite a large one sorta. Fixes up a few things with the newest area. Probably stuff that no one saw hopefully. There are 5 more floors available in the tower. On the subject of the tower, the next update will have it completed. There's a new extra area which branches off the Veiled Detritus, should bring lots of new deaths. There are also a few new hidden maps, some of which are fairly easy to find, some are there to taunt early players. Check your map to see which ones have new areas to find.

The Mario [?] blocks are fixed and work better than they did when they initially worked. There are breakable blocks there now too, excuse the lack of sound when they are hit for now.

Oh, one more thing. If you completed the latest demo, check to message in the Data Center for what you have to do next, it now accurately shows what to do. The end cutscene dialogue changed very slightly to reflect on what it says to do next. (It basically says to go to your Sky Base.)

I think that's it for this announcement. I'll update this when the tower is done... unless one of you find a nasty crash bug, then you get more floors if anymore are playable when it's fixed and reuploaded.


New Demo Out Today O_O

Okay, this is way faster, I was gonna set the release date to July 4th, but here it is. The file size has unfortunately gone up by 6 MB, though that's not THAT big a deal. The final version shouldn't go beyond 54 MB when compressed.

Release Info
The next release date says August, however there will be minor updates, like extra levels, the tower being completed, hidden maps in previous areas. I'll be putting signs and npcs around to give you clues to these hidden maps as well.

Remember last update when I said there would be one more small update before the final one? Well there will be. Version 13 will be a VERY small update though and that brief story area may just be included in 12 sometime.

Some Broken Stuff
The Mario [?] blocks are not working properly. I'll have that fixed up soon.
That's the only broken thing that I saw.

In Conclusion
Just felt like having a section like this. Makes this sub-par update seem better. Have fun with this update. I warn you, it's hard. Harder than Black Rock, way harder, just shorter... good luck.


What Is Happening Next

I just had one of those Sonic Blast things which has nothing to do with this post so ignore that.

The project is almost over, so here is how things are going to go now. After this update with the forest, you will have one more update with a new area. There are only two more updates I will be releasing. After that I will be creating all the content for the final chapter of the game, once all that is done, I'll release it all for testing. The game will be in beta then, so yay! This should happen at the end of August or sometime in September hopefully. The beta phase should take about 2 months with things going back and forth with the bug finding and fixing. Plus all that stuff that wasn't put into the game earlier.

Removed Content
There's something you don't want to see. Here's what will be removed. The Conjure ability has been taken out. It was just a test to see how everyone reacted to them and how well they worked with the game. All in all, they're no good for the game. The event with Blazing will flow the same and he will still join with you, however, he will show up on his own. There is a constraint to him appearing. He will only show up when the Shrouds find you. He'll do different things to them, none of which will take from your energy. The other summons will not appear at all. I had only released two of them, so you'll only miss the water summon, Muuguru. The spot where you get Muuguru will be replaced with... nothing. Look in your skill window in Version 12 to see.

I was tempted to remove the bullet hell section, but it will remain in the game. Mostly as a minigame type of thing, though that one spot will still be mandatory. I have actually only heard good things about it despite not a lot went into it. It's very basic as far as bullet hells go. I attribute it to that section breaking up the gameplay.

That's all I wanted to announce today. This upcoming update (version 12) will be the last big update. (Version 13 will be fairly small.) Version 14 will be quite a large update and will also be the beta version. It will probably be a long process, but it'll get done. Yay to the game being completely done before 2011.

Thank you everyone that has followed the project this far and provided me with bug reports of all different kinds. The project wouldn't be what it is without all of you. <3

What's Next?
What do you mean what's next? I just said... oh, what's after Distorted Travesty? I'll be making Distorted Travesty 2: The Sequel to the Prequel. Actually not really. This will be the only game; no series for this. What am I really doing? I know, but I'm not telling. Maybe getting a life... no, that won't happen... That's a scary thought.


Broken Gameplay

Edit: (06/09/2010) How about a video showing those spinning death spikes. Also it gets much worse than this. Imagine what things would be like when you get your dash back.

Not really sure what the title means... or do I?
I've come upon an odd revelation, I think I secretly hate games and it's so secret that not even I know about it. Wait, that's not true. It is, but it isn't. I find myself playing Independent games much more often than anything. So enough of that.

Broken Trap
I call this update broken gameplay because I am announcing a new late game trap that somewhat breaks the game. This trap will still damage you even if you are dashing.

You: Wait WHAT, bull!?

Yes, you heard/read correctly. The jump attack (and Grand Slam) will still go through it though. How about a screenshot...

Those spikey circles that you see will be a hated sight. If you already couldn't tell from the screenshot, they spin and have an open spot for you to get through. The screenshot shows that you have no dash points as well. The first time you are introduced to these, your dash will be disabled to encourage you to get used to not dashing through them. These easily break what I have been teaching you throughout the game and because of this, are the only thing that will break through your dash. There's enough for you to have to remember without having to remember some crazy amount of things that you can and can't dash through, so know that these will be the only game breaking object that you will encounter.

The Next Area
The forest and anything attached to that area will be full of obstacles. These are no combat heavy areas and there are few enemy encounters, especially after the forest. No worries though the Assault Unit, which is worse than the Shrouds, is coming up soon. They'll provide plenty of combat for you. :P

The end of the game is coming up soon so all of the more organized enemy types will be showing up.