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New Demo Out Today O_O

Okay, this is way faster, I was gonna set the release date to July 4th, but here it is. The file size has unfortunately gone up by 6 MB, though that's not THAT big a deal. The final version shouldn't go beyond 54 MB when compressed.

Release Info
The next release date says August, however there will be minor updates, like extra levels, the tower being completed, hidden maps in previous areas. I'll be putting signs and npcs around to give you clues to these hidden maps as well.

Remember last update when I said there would be one more small update before the final one? Well there will be. Version 13 will be a VERY small update though and that brief story area may just be included in 12 sometime.

Some Broken Stuff
The Mario [?] blocks are not working properly. I'll have that fixed up soon.
That's the only broken thing that I saw.

In Conclusion
Just felt like having a section like this. Makes this sub-par update seem better. Have fun with this update. I warn you, it's hard. Harder than Black Rock, way harder, just shorter... good luck.

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