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New Abilities in Modes That You Shouldn't Play

Edit: (4/22/2016) Get, it fixes a goof with the previous version. Patch notes below are still relevant as nothing has changed, just the Claire charge cannon damage has been fixed to match the values below.

Patch Notes (Version
- The little light pulses created by player weapons in dark maps linger a little longer and a few more have been added, namely a light trail created by missiles.

- Reduced Claire's charge cannon damage to 70% from 75% and each hit removes 1% of damage, down to a minimum of 50%.

- New special abilities added for each ability set that are Nightmare Mode exclusive.
NOTE: Some of you may have found a hidden ability with the Link Set while playing on Nightmare Mode where a certain button combination can be pressed to use a sword wave while at full health. These will now be noted in-game somewhere... possibly the north side of Central City.

- There is now a very noticeable level up notice when leveling up in Gate 6.

- Fixed an issue with Jerry's running hitbox to make it consistent with others.


Fixing The Things

Patch Notes (Version
- Claire's Samus Beam charge shot now deals 75% of the normal beam damage per hit instead of 50%. The charge complete sound effect and visual effect now line up with the actual charge time.
(The description on the charge beam in-game when you get it still says 50%, will fix later. :P)

- Equipment changes
  - Freezer Core: The 50% extra energy cost has been removed.
  - X's Headpiece: Energy usage decrease from 33% to 50%. Now works with Gravity Well charge as it was bugged before this.

- Equipment price changes
  - Dark Omen: 500 -> 100
  - The 4 Gate 6 things: 1000 -> 800

- Boss Gallery changes (Only time I'm changing one of these)
  - Enmity's gold time change 61 -> 40

- The final boss now has a visual effect indicating when he does one of those certain attacks that shall not be spoiled because some of you haven't completed the game.

- The boss before the final boss no longer spawns certain things that he spawns when he shouldn't be.