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Sleeping Comfort

I saw something yesterday that reminded me of a thing that happened to me when I was younger, I let you figure out what it was that I saw... And I believe I was 13... WHO KNOWS?! Anyway, during the school-less summer breaks, I would often sleep out on the floor of the living room in a sleeping bag, and fall asleep to TV. It was the only TV that was hooked up to cable. This was also before we had Internet. I know, it's like the dark ages right?

Every morning when I woke up, I'd grab some cereal and watch those morning cartoons... then probably play some video games. SO... one morning was a bit different. I woke up, still a little dazed from my mind not fully aware yet, and I feel something soft and kinda squishy under my right hand. Said hand was roughly 5 inches from my face. I'm wondering, 'Okay, that's different, the carpet nor my sleeping bag are that soft'. At this time, I don't remember what was going through my mind on what it could be. Remember, I was still half asleep. So I angle my hand so I could see what was under there.

There, 5 inches in front of my face, was a mouse. Suddenly my brain fully kicked on and I jumped up and out of that sleeping bag faster than one would think possible. The mouse didn't seem to mind this panic jump as it just laid there. I stared at it for a good few seconds, wondering why this mouse wasn't moving. I figured it was dead. So curious me decides to reach out an index figure toward the little brown mouse. I stopped roughly an inch from it, wondering what I was doing, then dismissed the thought and stroked my finger along its back. It didn't move, then I leaned in a bit and realized it wasn't dead, I could see it breathing.

I pulled back and waited a moment. Then once again decided I had to reach forward and touch it. I decided I was going to gently roll it over and see what happened. My hand was about 3 inches from the mouse when its head suddenly lifts slightly. As if the mouse suddenly realized what was going on, it jets off across the living room floor, under a couch. I realized the mouse must've been in a sleepy stupor much like I am when I first awaken. So far, no other mice have decided that a small gap under my hand would make a nice warm place to sleep, but I await that morning.

I never knew until that day that I was a very comfortable sleeping apparatus.

Those DT1 Updates
Updates for DT1 are going to stop now. As I told my testers, I want to focus fully on DT3 again. DT1 updates will now be reserved for crash bugs once again. It was fun taking a break from DT3 to fix up and add a few features to the previous game, but it is time for me to move on.

The update last night changed the following:
- The player will fully heal when they exit to the map.
- The player will fully heal when on the bottom of the Spire. (This fixes those issues where a player loses midway through a set of floors and has to heal up before going back in.)
- Fixed up a bug where the player would get teleported into a wall in a sequence right at the end of the game.
- Fixed the bug with the timer where you'd lose when it reached 00:01. (This also fixed the issue where it skipped the xx:01 second, technically giving you x seconds extra per minute now.)
- Misc. visual things that people may notice.

Jerry just recovered from a ground dash.

The screenshot above is from a Chapter 7 dungeon that is somewhat of a parallel to DT1's Dusty Ruins. Chapter 7 should be released in mid-early June. Instructions on keeping your previous save data will be with that blog post.

Oh and before I forget, the DT1 music credits are even more complete now. The testers have found a few and even more by a user named 'Sephiko' (Thanks for those). The only track left that is truly unknown is the Spire: DT1 Music Credits
I'm sure a youtube comment on a raocow video will reveal that one.


Mega Apples

Edit: (May 21, 2012) The update today (NOW I'm done... I hope) fixes a few things that I forgot about on yesterday's update. Also adds the end boss to the boss mode, cause it was asked for. I gotta stop giving in to player demand. <3

Edit: (May 20, 2012) There we go, DT1 updated... AGAIN!! D:
This actually has a number of changes. The biggest one, which everyone asked for;
- A boss replay mode, which unlocks after the game is completed on any setting. You'll be able to replay any boss on any setting from the boss mode, which can be reached from the title screen. You'll see instructions on-screen.
- The Shroud Lord had a small change. Some of you may remember the crazy laser sequence near the end of the encounter. If you dropped his HP down too low, it would spawn in a permanent laser from the phase after, that has been fixed. That laser spam sequence should make a lot more sense now.
- A few things are prettier, such as the '1 pixel off ' bugs in the skill menu were fixed. The near death red screen corner blood things... or whatever, are fuzzier now.
- The Vamp Bead has been changed from regenerating '1 HP per 150 damage dealt' to '1 HP per 40 damage dealt'. That's a 320% boost! Should be a lot more useful now. (Too bad you don't get it till right at the end.)
- Water Barrier lasts 1/6 seconds (5 frames) longer cause I just couldn't go without changing it, it would almost be a crime now to not do so.
Oh man, all the added content only increased the compressed file size up by 0.09kb. Code is cheap.

Edit: (May 18, 2012) The next DT1 update (which will come in a day or so) will have a boss replay mode which unlocks after the game is completed on any setting. It's not a boss rush mode nor does it keep any records. It's simply a place in the game that allows you to retry any boss on any difficulty. After completing the game, you can press the [P] key on the title menu to go to it. The game will also inform you about how to get into it. This seemed to be in high demand. Anyway, back to DT3...

Now I'm suddenly thinking of Lemina from Lunar 2.

My daily schedule and stuff to do will be changing, starting tomorrow. I don't know if it's going to leave me with less time for hobbies or not just yet. If so, I don't think by that much.

That HUD will be reworked later.

As the image shows, wall sliding (and wall jumping) make a return. It's not in the game's overall design to have it, but I did want a place for it. Seeing how there's a Gate level based off MMX... well yeah. It will be exclusive to that Gate. Since the levels don't need to be designed like they were in DT2, I've got a lot more freedom with the wall jump this time. DT2 levels all had to be designed for the player to able to speed through them, (aside from Room 2-3B.) as well as being able to chain every enemy. (You can actually chain all of 2-3B, it's just very hard.)

Air dashing makes a return as well, but not in this Gate. I didn't want to give it to the player here and then take it away for the next chapter and a half until it's actually gained, so to make up for no air dashing, which was a huge thing when used in tandem with wall jumps in DT2, the player can dash off walls when sliding. Same with wall jumps, dashing off walls can only be done in this Gate. It also consumes dash energy, though since it doesn't give quite as many invincibility frames as a normal dash, it only uses 3/4 of a bar. (You'll still need a full bar active to use a wall dash.)

That level above is going to take awhile to make due to the background tiles. Fun fun. Also since the full game isn't going to be released till after the end of the world, I'm going to wait a bit and include the very beginning of Chapter 8 for the last DT3 demo update. (Also I'd like to fix up some minor things for Chapter 7.)

Something something, ponies, something.


Bits and Bytes

Edit: (May 16, 2012) Okay, I have returned!

Edit: (May 11, 2012) Plans changed, now I'll be gone for awhile. Probably till Monday. Have a fun weekend.

Edit: (May 10, 2012) The DT1 update features a retry and return to title screen option from the pause menu, which is something the 2nd and 3rd game have. Because I'm mean it's actually a 'Force Game Over' option. (Same for DT3) But for those that want a quick retry option without having to get themselves beat up or find pit/insta-kill spike, here you go.

Been quiet for awhile. Chapter 7 is finished now. (Mostly) Once I'm happy with it, I'll have the demo updated and that will be the end of the DT3 playable demos until the game is done.

Some time later this week, I will be away for a few days. If you notice it taking a long time for me to respond to anything, that will be the reason. I typically don't check this or my email when I'm out of town, whether it's for work or personal reasons. Aside from a work related email, internet becomes non-existent for me.

Anyway, something I should've done a long time ago, something Slaix has asked before, as well as others, is getting a credits page for the music files. It's all in the F1 popup as well as the end credits, but the individual tracks are not listed.

Found here.
It will be added to the game's download in any future releases. At the top are 5 entries that I can't seem to remember or find where it came from. The tracks are listed by the filename in the music folder. If anyone knows where any of those come from, send me an email. (If it's remixed, link me to who did it.) :3
Oh yes, you'll notice entries like 'Black Rock Fortress' are missing the artist. If you know that, go ahead and email me about that as well. As for original artists for remixes, I'll get to adding that in sometime too.

The Spire is one that I'm totally clueless on, but I know I've heard it in a game somewhere. Eventually raocow's LP will be up to that point, which I'm sure a youtube comment will allude to what it is...

Okay fixed that, image!

I think it looks nice.