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Fixing The Things

Patch Notes (Version
- Claire's Samus Beam charge shot now deals 75% of the normal beam damage per hit instead of 50%. The charge complete sound effect and visual effect now line up with the actual charge time.
(The description on the charge beam in-game when you get it still says 50%, will fix later. :P)

- Equipment changes
  - Freezer Core: The 50% extra energy cost has been removed.
  - X's Headpiece: Energy usage decrease from 33% to 50%. Now works with Gravity Well charge as it was bugged before this.

- Equipment price changes
  - Dark Omen: 500 -> 100
  - The 4 Gate 6 things: 1000 -> 800

- Boss Gallery changes (Only time I'm changing one of these)
  - Enmity's gold time change 61 -> 40

- The final boss now has a visual effect indicating when he does one of those certain attacks that shall not be spoiled because some of you haven't completed the game.

- The boss before the final boss no longer spawns certain things that he spawns when he shouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, for some strange reason I lost interest in the game at the final boss even though I had a blast with the rest of the game. Maybe I should finally beat it now!

Justin Time said...

Just found a neat, but probably harmless little glitch: If you activate the Morph Ball while sliding down a wall (in Gate 4 or the Subconscious Filter), the Morph Ball retains the decreased "sliding" drop speed until you touch the ground.

Unknown said...

This game... is just too hard!
I can't even beat Bowser in Assist Mode!

I thought I was pretty good at platforming, as I have beaten all of the Mega Man classic games without much difficulty.

LostSoldier20 said...

Yeah... yeah... The game is very hard. When I played the Demo, I got walled at Bowser too. Part because he's a tough intro boss, part because I didn't want to spoil myself on what the full game had store. Upon playing the full version, he still wrecked me pretty hard, but I was able to beat him.

You'll be able to power through, but know it's never going to get any easier

Unknown said...

Does the game get easier if you grind for AP?

ZephyrBurst said...

That morph ball bug is a fun one that I decided to never fix because it doesn't break anything, especially considering it's only usable in those 2 areas.

I don't think the game gets all that much easier when grinding for AP. A bit for sure, but not by much. The game discourages it anyway.

Unknown said...

Is there any way to make the game somewhat easier (difficulty settings, cheats)?

The game looks really good, but it's not very accessible at this point...

NegativeZeroZ said...

There is one code that makes the game easier. Press enter on the title screen, then type "ohmygodbirdsaresocool" without the quotes. This gives your playthrough the half damage benefit of Assist Mode without any of the associated penalties. You'll have to start a new game, but it doesn't sound like you'll have to redo much to get back to your current progress.

I've never used this, so I have no idea what it does to Assist Mode (Can you still use it to take even less damage? Is it removed from the game? Etc.) What I do know is that it doesn't lock out any content (like how some games wouldn't let you see the ending unless you beat the game on Hard... there's none of that).

Unknown said...

Oh, sounds really nice! Thanks! That will make me want to try again!
I removed the game because of the difficulty, so I have to start over anyway. It wasn't too hard up until Bowser's Castle.

Unknown said...

If you use "omgbirdsaresocool" mode, assist mode won't cut damage further. It will simply remove AP bonuses. When playing in easy mode, always continue a NORMAL game to get full AP.

Be aware Thirteen that this game is still stupid hard, and that health wont help you for some platforming challenges. But it is way better with this code.

If you are in the MIDDLE of a game that you wish to change to easy mode, you'll have to find the code to change in your save file. You can do this with some sleuthing if you're clever, or you might be able to ask Zeph nicely and he'll tell you like he did for me.

There are a lot of save file cheats you can pull if you're clever too. Just make sure to backup before trying.

Unknown said...

Thanks. With easy mode, you mean with the cheat, right?
I will just use it from the start.

Unknown said...

Yeah, the cheat = "easy mode"

As far as hints go, if you get stuck, just watch "whattyabrian" videos on youtube. He's put an entire playthrough on there.

Unknown said...

Many thanks, guys and gals!