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Setting & Plot


The settings are places you've seen in other games like Mario, Kirby, etc. Each keep many aspects that were used in their original settings. While the stages start out normal, the "Distortion" will soon start to take effect and the worlds and aspects of these worlds will collide. Jerry will earn new spells and abilities to traverse these areas in his effort. I'll let you find out for yourself just what's in store.


Jerry and Jeremy's goal in life has never been clear. As a team of expert gamers/hackers/bad ass people, they are unsure of where they are going with their lives. However an unexplainable event at the corporate office of the IEF flip their whole world upside down.

They now find themselves stuck in the very worlds they've come to love over the years...The many video game worlds they have played. With Jerry stuck on a 2D plane and Jeremy stuck on the fourth wall, they must now find a way out of this world and back to their own. (In hopes of catching the new episode of the best series ever.) Their efforts are thwarted when they find that the worlds have collided due to the "Distortion" a mysterious group of beings called "The Darkness" have created. They soon find out the insane truth of it all and the only way to set things right is to gather the 7 Magical Flavored Muffins scattered through the world.

Why Muffins? To learn more about what makes Muffins amazing, click here to see the wikipedia article on Muffins. They're so awesome, the article even has a semi-protection on it!

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