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Secret Levels & More Updates

Secret Levels
Everyone likes secret levels and what platformer would be complete without them? Distorted Travesty is no different. Extra/Secret levels will be placed around the world. The first will open up automatically after the completion of the Old Castle level.

These levels are completely optional for progress, but completing them will give you extra goodies. On that completion note, the extra level's themes will be chaos. Their difficulty will be much higher than the surrounding areas.

Yeah I know, lame update. Bite me! :P Oh wait, I edited more into this post, not as lame, still lame, but not QUITE as lame... you can still bite me as well.

Lag Issue Fixed
Yep, if you were experiencing some lag in the bigger maps, namely the first area of the Diluted Mansion and the first area of Distortion, you shouldn't anymore. The game now runs much faster due to a new check being done before drawing sprites to the screen. (Actually the issue was sprites being drawn while offscreen.)

Change Screen Size While In Windowed Mode
I've had a some feedback from Vista users (and seen it) that fullscreen looks really bad, but most of the Vista users are using screen resolutions of like 1600x1200 and higher, so the game window is very small. Sucks for both ends. I sympathize and have found a fix for this. Anytime while playing, (excluding the title screen) you can press F3 and toggle the window size between 1x/2x mode. It just doubles the pixel size without flipping it out. (Game Maker typically blurs pixels when going full screen, but for some reason in Vista, it looks really jaggy and nasty.) Hope this little add-on helps. You'll see it in the next demo release.

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Antifarea said...

I'm glad to see this is progressing, I will like to play this... I don't have my blogspot blog account anymore, I switched to wordpress with my own domain now:

I will add this to the blogroll there btw. Keep up the good work man.