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Don't try to decipher the title, it means nothing, it's just what was randomly on my mind just now. Something to do with my roommate. When will you get a new demo with a new area to play in? Not until 2010 unless I magically speed up production of this which is unlikely.

Game Changes
- Made a very minor change to the Kirby boss, you won't even notice it.
- The Castlevania boss has been made a little easier, he doesn't spam as harshly and when he rages around the room, he does so a little bit slower.
- A few more enemy spawns have been removed. (Not many though.) Mainly for gameplay flow purposes.
- There may be a few power ups added in some of the previous areas. This may happen throughout development till the final version.
- Possibly this release or the next, a new way to show if you have everything in an area will be used. Instead of hovering the mouse over the level icon to see, a little trophy icon will be displayed next to the level icon on the map itself. I'll probably be taking out the previous method completely which means you won't be able to see which type of items you are missing. I'll switch to this new method unless I get a lot of "No we like the current one." The upside to the new one is you can see at a glance where you have everything.

All the new spells and abilities you will get in the Mega Man zone are ready. The screenshot shows you what two of them look like, but I won't say what they do.


CSDragon said...

I do actually like the old way, but I feel the best way would be to have the trophy thing, and the hover thing. That way you can tell which ones need work, and what stuff to look for in those ones.

I d'no. That's just my 2 cents.

Keep up the good work bro, it's amazing that you're making this all on your own. Maybe when you're all done you can take it to Nintendo and have them license it so that you actually get some money for your work.

ZephyrBurst said...

That's what's been said so far, to just use both, seems like that's what I'll do.

I don't want any money for this. This is just a hobby I do for fun and figure I could share my randomosities with all of you. Even if I did try to bring it to anyone, they wouldn't license it. Plus there is way more than just 'stolen' Nintendo content in here.

Steve said...

Hi "DarkJoe" I have two things to say. ONE, why can't I can't I jump on enemies to kill them like in Mario games? And what version of Right Round plays in Rave Mode?

ZephyrBurst said...

@Steve: Jumping on enemies in the Mario areas was a thought but never used in any release. It didn't really work too well with the way the game plays. It was an idea to have each area work as closely as possible to the sources they were pulled from, but again it just didn't seem to fit well. If you are looking to do fast kills, elemental weakness are the way to go.

For the song, I'm using the original, (best version in my opinion) by Dead or Alive.