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You Know What Time It Is!

Edit: (Apr. 7, 2010) In the next update, you will be able to reset your skill trees. There is a new character added in towns that will reset them for 25 Internetz. Took a bit to make that work, they were never coded to be reset. I know some of you will like this.
I've been trying to think of ways to make a screen blur effect that wouldn't drop the frame rate and finally did. It's pretty nasty on the eyes, and I would be very conservative with effects like these. Here's 2 screenshots of it, though it looks a lot better in motion.
Keeping them in links.
Blur Effect 1
Blur Effect 2

Yay, it is finally here! So many deaths await you.

A few things to note:
For the bullet hell section: (yes there is one, and it shouldn't be too bad even if you don't play those types of games) It currently uses the music from Windy Slopes, this will change, as will the sound effects for that area. (Or rather the lack of sound there.) It is still being worked on, but fully playable. There will be numerous changes occurring very soon with that. I don't like releasing something so incomplete, but it is a minor part of the Windy Slopes level. Rather than delay any longer, I want everyone to be able to play in the new area. There will be more of these bullet hell levels, but not too many, probably 3 in total throughout the game.

As far as how it plays... the same as any generic bullet hell, they all play almost the same, so if you've played one, you will understand this one easy.

Anyway, I really hope I got it as bug-free as possible, but that's where you all come in. Have fun and try not to die TOO much.


Jaffe said...

impressive i thought it was a 5 days late aprl fools joke however i still havn't downloaded it hope the joke isn't on me.

Jaffe said...

I was doing the forgotten spire level the first room was way too ez even on distorted mode but as i moved into the second room i just saw clouds and had no character couldn't pause or anything had to force quit the game

ZephyrBurst said...

Ah crap, I forgot to re-lock that for the demo release.

Jaffe said...

On the boss "Blazing Enflamed Robot" you can use Blast Shield to get rid of the sword he throws and cause it to not leave behind a trail of fireballs but also never make any fireballs it allready spawned split effectively removing that part of the fight... probably not intended to work this way...

ZephyrBurst said...

Nice find and you're right, that was unintentional. Thanks.