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Edit: (May 24, 2010) 
Another edit: fixes yet another crash bug. I recommend getting this if you plan on item hunting. Sorry about that, and sorry Slaix for that bug. :/
Okay, that's enough crash bugs. Find something that isn't game destroying this time. XD

Version fixes the crash bug when getting hit by projectiles while equipped with the Revenge Bead as well as fixes the crash bug with Zephyr. (Yes, it crashed the game... AGAIN!) The objective display within the Data Center is also updated. (It wasn't accurate for the end of Veiled Detritus.)

The newest version has been released today. (Being uploaded as I type this.) You can now enjoy the Veiled Detritus! As always, there are a few sound effects missing. Sound is one of those things that will be fixed up at the end. There is also 1 music track that is not in place and 1 that may be changed. Bleh, anyway. It is all playable and ready for you all to test. :)

It was a week early too, and now... I'm taking a break. Enjoy the game and of course, any bugs that you inevitably find, report them so I can dispose of them properly. :)

Game Changes
- For the bullet hell sections, err, section. (for now) There are 2 changes.
  - The scoring system has been slightly changed, for the most part, you will end up with the same amount of points in the end. You get extra points during bosses (after each phase) depending on how many lives and bombs you have remaining.
  - There is now a little homing shot that will track the closest enemy. It is much weaker than your normal shots.
- Jerry's hitbox has been slightly changed... again. It is roughly a pixel smaller on each side. His foot hanging down during his normal jump animation is no longer part of his hitbox. (You're still going to die just as much.)

Explanation of the Bullet Hell Scoring
If you've wondered how this works, then read this.
- Each time you hit an enemy, your points increase by a slight amount.
- Destroying an enemy ship gives a greater amount of points depending on the enemy destroyed.
- The stars (will probably be changed in the future) dropped by enemies give 1000 points each. You get an additional 20 for every graze point you have. - 1000+(graze*20)
- When a boss phase has ended, any bullets still on screen will be converted to a point item. These are worth 100 points each in addition to 3.5 additional for every graze. (rounded up) If you graze a lot during the levels, bosses are worth a substantial amount.
- Damage dealt by bombs will not award points.
- Enemies that are damage by a bomb will be worth half their normal point value and will only drop half the point items they normally would have. (If an enemy only drops 1, they will still drop it.) This also includes bosses, however it only counts for the phase the bomb is used on.


Jaffe said...

This crashed on me every time i got hit by a shroud... wasn't too bad though if i hit ignore it just wouldn't do damage to me :P sorta a problem though

ZephyrBurst said...

This isn't happening to me. >_<

Can you copy what the error says?
Note: If you're holding the A or left arrow key when the error pops up, it'll choose 'abort' for some reason.

If I see the error, I can figure out from there what the issue is.

It's weird that they, specifically, would crash the game. Every enemy should crash it for you. Everything goes to the same script and the Shrouds don't have any special collision checks. The Spirit Drain effect is just a flag. I hate code sometimes. XD

Jaffe said...

I had to get hit a few times for it to happen but theres the error... it says unknown variable life

i went through that entire zone working on getting one last collectible and only the shrouds did it and they deff wern't the only thing i hit... that pipe part i got hit by a bunch of the small bullet bills

ZephyrBurst said...

Oh wow, so upon checking that, what it's trying to do is deal damage back to the bullets. (So this is with any projectile.)

You have the Revenge Bead on. Wow, thanks for showing me this. I'll fix that.