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The Beta is Done

Edit: (September 14, 2010) Last edit to this before I just make a new post. I may release an updated version due to all the little things that have been fixed up. As you can see, there's a lot. Some of them are as simple as a typo, others are things like the inventory menu fixed up and even another skill capsule added in. Slaix (and my beta run) confirmed that I was 1 capsule too short for all the skills to be learned. A look at my skill list and total capsules in the game would have also fixed that. The new capsule was added in the second portion of Distortion 3. It's practically given to you... or I could move it and place in another hidden map somewhere. :P

Edit: (September 8, 2010) The side info now shows how close I am to fixing all the major bugs I have.

Edit: (September 7, 2010) The complete version save files will NOT be compatible with the beta or anything before it. The "encryption" on the save file will cause it to not be read properly. (It will read, but it will make some nasty mistakes and cause your saved game to do some odd things.) Anyway, with the beta, I accidentally left one of my test modes on, if you find out how to access it, well... there's nothing I can do to stop you from using it. Though I don't recommend saving after using it. (Depending on what you change with the debug settings.)

Edit: (September 6, 2010) It's uploaded, have fun!

Note: If you don't see it actually updated here, then it isn't uploaded yet. The beta is done, but when I have it actually packed up and uploaded, you'll see an edit above this and the side updated. Anyway...

I actually got it all ready by the date I previously said. There are still some things to do on the game, but for all intensive purposes, the game is "done". It is fully playable and ready for you guys to bug test and enjoy. During this time, I will be addressing a lot of issues like control schemes, typos, and some other random stuff, sound... I might make a boss rush mode (mega man style) or at least make the bosses replayable in their rooms. The submenu for inventory will be changed to where you don't have to press [L] to get to your equipment. There are currently 14 major bugs/issues that need to be fixed, when they are, I will consider the game "complete". This process may be a little slow as I won't be giving this as much time as I used to, so I will not be setting a release date for the full complete version, but I'll say here that I'd like the end of September.

Anyway, if it isn't already here, keep a look out today. It's done and will be uploaded today.


Jaffe said...

so uhh glitch found(i think) on the first rumpy mountains secret level (fallow the arrows in the sky) i just hit grand slam as soon as i got in there and it makes u invincible if u fall far enough... meaning u can fall str8 down onto the platform through all the spikes i think an easy fix for this would be to make the spikes in that room solid

Dark Link said...

finally I can play this!

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but you can press n to view the floors. o_O it makes the game easier, especially in the castelvania section with the disappearing/reappearing platforms

Slaix said...

Dark Link: It's not a glitch, but it's also something you shouldn't be able to access, really... It's something Yoshi forgot to turn off when he released the beta.

Oh yeah, and I managed to beat it. Definitely an epic ending. All of it. The final boss... Dear god, SO MUCH FUN. Definitely the best boss ever. Now get on IRC so I can rant to you more about how amazing it all was, dammit!

ZephyrBurst said...

Jaffe: I was looking at that the day before you posted that. I'm considering whether or not to change that. My reasoning is if someone thinks to use that method, they should be able to. I may change it though.

Dark Link: As Slaix said, that's not a glitch, just something I forgot to turn off. It's what I used to make sure the collision was correct.

Jaffe said...

I considered it a glitch because in the other room that works like that (in the megaman area) the down attack is disabled (works as a substitute for grand slam i tested it) and you dont yet have grand slam unlocked when u get there. but with the air down attack working to get you through all the blocks the first time you get there i think something should be changed... (make the tile set megaman for no reason give him the blaster and disable the air down smash attack)

ZephyrBurst said...

You're right. Changed it will be!