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Edit: (October 23, 2010) I might give out the gmk file sometime if anyone would like to see and edit the game code. Then you all get to see my terrible code. A note on that. You can see the code with any version of GM, but if you do not have GM8 Pro, you can not edit it. You could technically with GM 7 Pro, but you would need to change a few things... a lot of things.

Another note, I'm sure some of you may have already caught on, but Distorted Travesty has a minor memory leak. It's been around since version... I don't even remember anymore, it's a memory leak that's over a year old. It's minor and I probably won't fix it, but I just wanted to make everyone aware that there is indeed one there.

Two other things that are actually unfinished. The main one is encrypting the save data and the other is a sound bug. The sound will start to buzz on probably 99% of sound cards out there after you have played DT straight for an hour or so. Restarting the game will fix it, but I don't like that. Sounds like Nintendo's way of dealing with bugs. I may in the future convert DT to use the supersound extension as it will most likely fix the sound buzzing. It will also make sound... sound better, give me a few more tools to edit sound, and lower the file size since I will have to convert the mp3 to ogg. I should not have been using GM's default sound functions as they are shitty at best. To anyone using GM for ANYTHING, do not use the default sound system, use something like bassmod.dll, supersound.dll, or FMOD.dll. Most of them have an extension package you can use so you don't need to mess around with the messiness that is dlls. A google search will reveal their locations to you. If I do convert it, I will use supersound because I am familiar with how it works and it is very reliable.

For those concerned, I haven't been ignoring you, I've just been away and working all week and been without a computer or Internet. (for the most part) I'm back now with nothing TOO much to say on the game. No changes have been made the last few weeks. Looks like the project is at an end now. I'll put in the save file encryption sometime and remember that they won't be compatible with older saves once I do that.

Hmm, now what else to say...? Oh, I doubt I'll be making another level. The Spire seems like enough. Maybe one day there will be a Directors Cut version or some pretentious thing like that. :P Also the suggestions will be considered if that day does happen to come around.

For future projects, I'll keep them posted here or if they get their own blog, I'll link to them. All my blogs are listed in my profile here. I am still working on stuff, but it is mostly generic prototypes for now.


Deku Link said...

Ah, this epic project is coming to end :(

You've done a really great job Yoshi! You deserve a job in at a professional video game development company! =D

ZephyrBurst said...

Thanks. :)
Unfortunately everything has to end, but with every end is new... I'm not finishing that sentence. :P

I hope one day I'll work for a development studio, if I do, I may announce it here.

linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

that's the words i wanted to hear,
always looking foward n no backing out :), I have a dream, n is something similar to what r u talking bout, I want to b a "proper" game designer xD, but 4 that, first i started to make games and earn experience bout it :P , i know that if u get a company, u will make a great job as same as u did on this game :), n i still saying thank u 4 some ideas that i get for my game thanks to u (IDEAS, im not copying you xD), that's y, ill give u credit, well, keep doing gd job, n ill continue with mine now xD

linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...
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linkronny/Rodrigo Esteban Gutierrez Torres said...

something else, if u r talking bout the DT gamemaker file... WHY WOULD U GIVE THE .GMK FILE?! if u do so, people will steal ur project, they will give credits to themselves, they will say that "they created the game", n they will not talk bout u or give u credit/something, im sure that some people will do so, if u want some1 to help on editing those codes n stuff, u may tell some1 specific, some1 who knows bout gamemaker, some1 who u can trust on that person, or, try to find tutorials on yoyoforum (that's what I do sometimes :P), easy way to say this, DONT GIVE THE GMK FILE!! dont give up yoshi. if isnt bout DT GMK file, ignore this post ^^