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Silly Dreams

The other night, I had a really odd dream...
[In Dream]
I was at work, it's a print shop by the way, with my roommate Terry, and we decided to take a break in the next room. Apparently the break room (there actually isn't one in the real world, but in the dream, we associated it as that) was a low-lit room and had a club-like atmosphere. I remember a pool table being on a far side of the room with a light hanging down above it. There was a couch that Terry and I decided to sit on. We were there for a moment just chatting about nonsensical stuff and were overhearing gibberish in the background from other people in the room. Suddenly Miyamoto walks in from a door next to the couch and sits between us. He doesn't say anything except for "Hi" and gave a little wave to me. I remember him looking at me straight in the eye when he waved which made me kinda nervous, I mean... this Miyamoto who is sitting next to me. I still recognize him as someone awesome in my subconscious apparently. We sit there for a moment or two when we see this clock over on a shelf nearby that seems to not be working properly. Terry walks over to the clock to attempt to fix it, but was not having any luck. Miyamoto looks over and says (in very fluent English) "The battery is probably open, just close it." Terry looks closer at the clock and says "Oh I think you're right." He struggles with it and Miyamoto walks over, does something with the clock that no one seemed to be able to see, and says "You close it like this." The clock started working again. I stood up to go and see this clock when suddenly, my roommate Jerry walks in and loudly says, "What up guys!". Then I woke up.
[Out of Dream]

I told this dream to Jerry who said, "You shared a dream with Miyamoto. In 2 years, we'll see a game about clocks from Nintendo." So remember, 2 years, Nintendo, clocks. And apparently AA batteries can be opened and closed fairly easy.

A bit of news for DT... wait, there is none, sorta. Not a single bug has been reported between new and Jaffe's comment. Definitely the longest in a year that I've gone without a bug report. This little secret thing involving DT is still coming along. Slaix and OkageSK have been my bitches... err, my unofficial testers for it. Maybe in a week, I'll show what it is. :) As I said before though, it will be completed before it gets a public release.
I know!! Here's a screenshot from it! :D


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Sort of a mini game, but then again, it isn't, but it is, but it ain't. I will be announcing what it is soon... in just a few moments. :D