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Version 2 of Part 2

Huh... It definitely needs one after the feedback I've gotten from various people. It's been very consistent feedback which is a good sign to me. At least from the perspective of things that I did right, people really liked and didn't feel the need to mention. Nearly all of the concerns are about the final area. Surprisingly, no one raged at me for 3-1. I'm pretty happy about it. That level went through way more iterations than all the others. It took a lot of revamping to get the pieces spaced out just right. The version before the final had 4 more Fire Eyes spread out among the first map alone. This quickly proved too much to handle, specifically for attempting high score runs.

The levels are laid out in a way that the player can chain from enemy to enemy without running out of energy. There are only 2 spots throughout the game that will break a chain. I'll go ahead and mention them, 2-3B during the narrow spike wall section, and 3-1A when grabbing the second Gem. It's possible that the 3-1A one is chainable (I know that's not a word Firefox) and I just suck... or something.

If you guys have ever looked at the "Special Thanks" section and noticed the name "Dave", then... uh... you've noticed that name. Anyway, he was one of my roommates in college whom I bounced ideas off of quite often. We've had numerous design discussions, even now. I mentioned the 2 breaks in chaining to him last month and he suggested to have an enemy that is there just for continuing a chain. Basically making it a very pathetic enemy that does nothing but stand there being cannon fodder. I will probably put this in for the next update for DT2. If I do though, it is going to change the score requirement for both levels by a tiny bit. If you've gotten the target score on these 2 levels and then fall under that score for the next update, it will take away the award. Though I doubt it will affect much, it the target score will only increase by 100 or 200. The target score is based on the points given by all of the enemies in the level. This does not include chaining bonuses. Technically the later levels are easier to get the target scores on. Though with the easy chaining in the early levels, this isn't true. :P The later levels give a bit more of a grace period for the target time as well. (Aside from 2-3, you'll have to play that level a lot different if you want the target score.)

I really think a color change is needed for the blog. White on black is starting to bug me, so if you see a change to the layout or anything else here soon, don't be surprised.

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