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101 Bastards

Edit: (November 6, 2011) I completely forgot it was the end of daylight savings time until I randomly looked at my calendar to visually see the days remaining till Skyward Sword. 2 weeks! Then saw the 6th said it. Good thing to because I would've gone into work an hour early because of that. (It's 4:21 in the morning.) Nothing better to do at this hour than come on here and talk random gibberish about nothing for a few minutes before working on DT3 for a bit. There's no way I'm getting back to sleep now. Already ate breakfast and was ready to head out before Zelda saved me an hour.

This post is a very simple one, it's simply to say to get Stealth Bastard. It's awesome and free. It's an action oriented stealth game and really well made. GET IT NOW!!

NO!! Stop what you're doing, do not click the x to go away, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME RIGHT NOW AND PLAY IT!!

What are you doing? Why are you still reading this and not playing the game? Oh right... You're downloading it right now while you read the rest of this. That's a clever idea, I'm glad you thought to do that. It'll finish soon... your download that is, and then you'll be ready to play something awesome. Unless you're on dial up, that would suck, cause you'd be waiting awhile.

For now, I must head off to dream land. I would've posted this earlier today, but blogger wasn't loading the post page. So here it is. :D Why aren't you playing it yet? And why aren't YOU downloading it yet? Yes you. You know who you are!

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