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Winter has finally settled in central Texas. Oh winter, you are a bane on my existence. If only winter wasn't so cold, I wouldn't dislike it so much. Though to me, 50F is cold.

Yay, a large portion of Gate3 has been finished! Now on to the next part, which isn't quite a big. The finale of Gate 3 is almost ready.

I think the hardest part of these earlier parts of DT3 is making sure to keep the difficulty low. A few troublesome moments have slipped into these earlier levels, but the overall feel needs to be somewhat calm for the majority of it, up to the middle of Gate 3 at least. Plot wise, I want to keep things fairly mellow during these times as well.

At least there are the optional levels that open up after the associated gate is completed. :P (I can already see the hate mail generated from these levels.)

That's it for now. Here are two screenshots I used elsewhere.

The skill tree was changed a bit.

Colored numbers and stuff.

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