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Edit: (February 04, 2013) Something I forgot to mention. The Dropbox download for the full version of DT2 works again. For some unexplainable reason, the archive broke. That is now an option again for those that can't connect to Filefront.

Nothing to report on the birds aside from they swarm the skies at sundown. It's a nice thing every night that I get to see since I work outside most of the time. So glad that Texas has mild winters.

DT3 Development and Testing
Is going well and picking up the pace despite my larger social/gaming life these days. (Aside from this last week where I've done almost nothing on the game.) For the topic of testing DT3, I've had a few requests to do so here and there. However, I've had to turn down pretty much all of them. I'd like to keep the testing team very small. I have accepted a few based on their past critiques on the previous games aside from those that got in early. So on that, there will be no new testers brought in. The current team is great. All of them having differing play styles and wildly differing gaming abilities. Their viewpoints and perspectives of the game being different from each other is a welcome thing as I get a lot of different suggestions and feedback. It goes without saying that they don't all agree 100% on many of my choices for the game, which none of us expect. They are definately helping shape the game in a big and positive way. I sometimes worry that I don't give them enough credit.

Slaix: "You cannot keep pathos in writing for the life of you."
He's so mean to me.

I would say more about DT3, but things are spoilery right now if I do. It's just content being made and lots of it. The testers have all said they really like Chapter 10 though. I'm hoping the last bit keeps that going. If only I'd speed up development...

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