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Edit: (July 31, 2013) A new post will be posted in a few days when I am back in town. I wanted to get a post up yesterday, but there's a video along with it and I didn't have the time to edit it.

I was wondering if it would happen or not and it did. A grackle jumped on my hand. This one got friendly really fast, it was only the previous day of this event that she started approaching close enough to eat from my hand. A picture will come if I can ever get one of this. Most of the grackles shy away from the phone. We'll see about this one though, she's got no fear. She jumped up to my hand while I was getting food out for her and waited, impatiently, but waited nonetheless.

Also picked up and moved a very young grackle, was no more than 9 days old. It looks like it fell out of the nest a few days too early, but it looked really healthy and had no injuries. I sighted the mother feeding it on multiple occasions. I just relocated it a few feet to a better spot, where it scampered off into a bush. That's a much better place than out in the open. The mother still came down into the bush to feed it, so yay for that.

So if you've followed ocremix for the last few thousand years, you'll know they've been working on a huge album for Final Fantasy 6. Originally set to be released last December, it was released just a bit ago. You can get the whole thing here for free. Been listening to it and so far it's excellent, and I've still got a ton of tracks to go. As a player of DT, you all have no choice but to go and check this out. I found Smooth McGroove's theme this week to be very appropriate. This is a good week for video game music. Oh yes, the Opera House song is divided up among 3 tracks, and that whole set is quite a listen. The Opera Sequence itself being super amazing and impressive.

Rogue Legacy
So Jeremy found something to distract me from DT3. As if I don't have enough for that all ready. This game called Rogue Legacy. You can get it in that link or on Steam. It's basically a 2D side scrolling platformer rogue-like. You take control of a character to go through this castle full of the undead and traps in search of something you're not sure of yet, but there's loot! Inevitably, you will die. You are then brought to the title screen. But this is only the beginning of how amazing this game is. You choose 1 of 3 randomized characters, all with various perks and drawbacks, and at times, quirky traits... such as being gay. (I don't think that trait actually does anything, but I do smile when it's there.) The flavor text being, "Fan of the ladies." (Or guys depending on that character's gender.) Another being irritable bowel syndrome, which always makes me giggle far more than it should.

Anyway, this character that is chosen is the next heir of the previous character that just died in the castle. There's a skill tree that you can upgrade using money found in the castle. These upgrades extend to every character you use. After all that, you're brought back to the entrance to the castle. Upon entering, you'll notice that it isn't the same as before. Every entry causes the castle to randomize rooms and layouts. This game gets a huge recommendation from me. You really gotta play it to feel how well it's designed.


Anonymous said...

Yo Zephyr,do you have some kind of..prediction when DT3's gonna be out? You said it was gonna be early 2014, but any kinda of prediction based on your progress? And a off topic question, is Claire's hair attack based of Shantae?

ZephyrBurst said...

I don't know at this time, but I do usually post up when a major section of the game is done. If every chapter that was left took me 1 month, the game would be done in March 2014 if I include an extra month for all the fine tuning and clean up at the end of the project.

Claire's hair attack is more a hair 'whip'. :P