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One More Gate 6 Thing

This is another segment of the game where there is no dashing, and enemies cannot be stunned. For this Gate, both characters have access to blocking.

Ignore everything about that UI element except for the bottom right meter with the shield icon. As you guard, that meter depletes and while you're not guarding it regenerates. The shield breaks if that meter is fully depleted and will recover in a few seconds. That's pretty straight forward, but DT has a few extra rules attached.

While the shield is broken, the player takes double damage from all sources. When the player successfully blocks an attack, the attack takes a chunk of the shield energy away. However, if the player blocks just as an enemy attacks, they'll parry, which removes no shield energy (you get some back actually) and the player is invulnerable for a very short moment and deals triple damage during that. This is how Claire works. She can only block close range attacks.

Jerry however, can block ranged attacks, like projectiles, and can parry from those. Jerry doesn't get an invulnerably state, but his damage is tripled for much longer than Claire. Claire is primarily close range in Gate 6, while Jerry is all ranged attacks. The rules favor Claire over Jerry. At least I think so, and I'm fine with that. Of course there will be scenarios set up to make use of both characters, but what I have set up, Claire seems to benefit the most. She needs more screen time anyway.

I know what some people are thinking. Spam the shield!! That doesn't work. There is an initial cost to using the shield, and spamming it to attempt to perform an easy parry, will significantly increase that initial cost during the spam fest, usually ending up in breaking the shield, and the player taking double damage from a giant sword. The player cannot use Claire and jump themselves onto an enemy to perform a parry either. The enemy has to be performing an attack.

I've yet to allow the testers to use it, but I'm sure once they get a hold of that build, I'll be tuning some numbers. And that's the end of any more info on Gate 6 till you experience it for yourself.

DT1 Debug Mode

Remember when Negative Zero Z did an S Rank Run of DT1? The game tells you how to unlock its debug mode when you achieve that rank, which he has shown how to do here. You don't actually have to have a save with an S rank, the code he gives works at any time.

On this debug mode stuff, DT2 does not have one available in the final build. DT3 might have something like that hidden away... probably will, and it'll be just as obscure to unlock.


The Disney film that was released in November. I won't say anything about it other than it was enjoyable for the most part. Could use a few less songs though. There is one song, that luckily Disney has up on youtube that I found amazing, easily my favorite Disney song, topping even 'Hellfire' and 'Make a Man out of You'.


If you haven't played this game yet, I think you should. It's pretty damn amazing. Slaix brought my attention to it recently. There's not much I can say that isn't said on the game's site or from various reviews found. What I found odd though, was that almost no one mentioned the game's story, or simply glossed over it. Maybe so there's no room for spoilers, but the narrative is what I'm most fond of from the game. Very well done, and quite dark, so prepare for that if you are interested. The site linked below will tell you what the game is about. Spoilers, there's ghosts.


NegativeZeroZ said...

"It'll be just as obscure to unlock."

Is that a challenge? :3

Anonymous said...

Does this Gate also include platforming and paltforming related Gimmicks, as well as puzzles? or is it just fighting, fighting and also fighting? (cause RPG games with parrying aren't platformers; however for this game it might be rather bad to Focus solely on fighting for an entire Gate)

ZephyrBurst said...

Since this is DT, which usually keeps platforming in every part of its gameplay, that element will still be present in Gate 6. In an upcoming post, I'll talk a bit about how I aim to let the player approach situations in different ways, and not having to always rely on the parry mechanic.

raocow said...

Man, this sounds pretty exciting.

WhattayaBrian said...

The real question here is how long of a lag is there between button press and parry?

I do wonder how used it will end up being with regards to the full spectrum of players. It sounds a lot like the Royal Guard style from DMC, and while it is incredibly powerful, it's also extremely underused because of its steep learning curve.

ZephyrBurst said...

As long as you aren't in the middle of another attack, it's instant. I've toyed with the idea of it being able to cancel out the last few frames of Claire's melee attack in that level.