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DT3 Is Very Challenging At Times

Not to create; well yes, to create, that's a given. I've experimented more with this project than I have with the previous games. That and being very adamant about certain things going in instead of backing out if it's a technical or programming issue that I can't seem to get through. I've learned a lot by doing that. Research and asking other programmers questions has helped a lot as well. (Thanks to Slaix and WhattayaBrian the most in helping out there.)

Going back on the challenging bit, I meant to play. Specifically these end game chapters. I went back and reviewed some earlier segments, specifically the combat scenarios compared to the current ones I'm working on and the earlier content is cake now. That probably sounds scary or bad on its own, but everything feels really good right now.

If you played DT1, then you might remember the Heart Piece in Abstracity right outside of the plot room. That required the player to use Earth Shift and then follow it up with Zephyr to push the block off the platform and jump in time to reach the pickup. DT1 had other moments that required a few steps or mixtures of your abilities to reach something. Its puzzle solving and exploration were a bit more complex than DT3.

In how I see it, DT3 takes a simpler approach to that, including its combat. But I've found since all the abilities in DT3 are useful and easier to understand its functions, the combat is more complex. These end game enemies seem to reflect that.

The chapter 18 enemies have a nifty set up. Most of them assist one another in some way, whether it's something as simple as simply providing a buff if it's close by, (this really only has one occurance though) or relying on an ally's shield for protection. (Among other nifty things.) It makes the encounters with them feel more organic. Another thing is them closing up a weakness or easy exploit when the player finds it. Once it's figured out, it comes down to knowing when to exploit a weakness or hole in a defense. When the player is comfortable with these new enemies and understands better how to face against them, another element is added which shakes up everything about these encounters. In my own playtesting throughout the project, I found myself very rarely swapping characters. I tended to find my safe zone and played that way. With the most recent content, I've found myself swapping a lot more. Both characters have easy access to all damage types, just in slightly different ways. The scenarios in this chapter have shown me that going for making combat in DT3 simple to understand, but going for more complex scenarios has paid off. The combat in DT3 feels way better than DT1. It flows better and is far more satisfying.

Or... I'm just talking out of my ass and have no idea wtf is going on... ever.

In conclusion, I like where DT3 is right now.

Also this guy makes some good Phantasy Star remixes/arrangements.
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ano0maly said...

I tried a few times using the momentum shift from Zephyr to help me with some jumps, like that one item in the BR Fortress. Anyone else try this?