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Menu Font Update

Edit: (12/14/2014) In that screenshot, there's an entry for 'AP Gained From Boosters' that is now useless. Like, more useless than the useless stats. So what other useless stat could replace it.

Give me your suggestions for useless stats/things to track!

Because past me thought it was fine to use a serif font.

That was fixed recently and the pause menu is now readable.

AP Gained From Boosters needs to be depreciated.
And I guess... that's it? Yeah that's about all I'd like to mention this time. I'm nearly done with another big part of the game, so yay!

Ah yes, Recognitions are DT3's Achievements, but I'm not revealing those and their silliness. I'll probably be fairly quiet on posting for the remainder of the year sooo... see you all next year and have a great holiday thingie-ma-bob!


Kurtis Haren said...

The most useless one that I could think of would be something like...


But I don't think it would fit well since it's yes/no instead of a number

Anonymous said...

something fun could be bugs stepped on. with it randomly counting some of your steps but not all.

ZephyrBurst said...

That's a humorous one, Anonymous.

Kurtis, if I had the game tracking whether the player was inside/outside from the beginning, I would certainly add that.