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I would like to note that the 2 levels tweet I had a few days ago is both accurate and inaccurate. What I mean is 2 non-optional levels left. There's still Nightmare Gate H to make and a few tidbits of side dealybobs to do. Some may remember the Cave Network (Gonna need to be renamed because its purpose has changed since its initial inception during pre-production.) that had a single uneventful map in the demo. I know a few people liked finding this side level. Had its own music and tileset and all that jazz.

It's not going away and there are a few other things like it that still need some attention. They've been started, but haven't gotten a lot of good dev time. This is mainly due to my desire to get all the main content in the game first and then look at what the game could need from there, then I'll decide how I want to go about those Cave Network levels. What they are is set up, it's just the execution of them. I have a million ideas in my head about how to go about them that will benefit the game the most, which I'll figure out when I get there.

There will also be a lot less blog posts till the project gets much closer to the end, which is getting really close. We're looking at about 1 post a month for now as a check up of; "Hey I'm not dead and the project still lives!" The current level I'm developing (the one before the final) is going pretty fast though, so yay!

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