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What's Happening in DT Land

On the right side, you'll notice that a number of big tasks is shown. These are tasks that I need to complete for the game to be considered complete.
Without spoiling what they are, they are: (nonspoiler method)
-Gate H (The final optional gate)
-Redo the Gate D boss encounter (Cause he sucks)
-An optional, but not really optional, boss that I can't spoil
-Gate 6 needs touch ups based on some heavy suggestions (that were requested by me) from Slaix
-Cave Network (That mysterious one map hidden place-thing you all saw in the demo)
-Final Level
-The final pass through the game to fix/add all the stuff that isn't fixed/added. All the content is in the game by this point. It just needs a polish pass. I'll be announcing a release date when I get to this phase most likely.

Some of the above won't take very long so it'll get scratched off the list pretty fast.


Alice said...

Could I recommend moving the tasks up higher? I think it'd be best to put them above the game downloads. I actually had no idea what you were talking about with that bit until I went to close the tab and happened to notice it down near the bottom of the page.

ano0maly said...

Maybe the game info buttons/links should be merged with the "Game Version Info" sections. It's kind of redundant to have them both.

ZephyrBurst said...

Good suggestions, I think it's time to depreciate some stuff on the side. Update soon!

Gpremier said...

And at the same time, Mother 4 finally announced for's gonna be a wacky race!

I really loved the demo you have shown a few years ago, i'm really looking forward the final release of this gigantic project!

ZephyrBurst said...

That would be so perfect if I finished in May then. I'd get the game finished and then less than a month later, I get to play Mother 4, guilt free. :P

Gpremier said...

In all cases, good things are coming in summer!