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First Post of the Year

Edit: Download links restored. We're all back to normal now. Plus there's a new hat!
Also there's a bug in version It didn't add any new birds! Lets pretend doesn't exist. It's technically the same version as the newest one, except that a single string was edited. So if there's ever a version, which I mean, come on, there will be, we all know there will be. It'll have like... 13 new birds added. Because FF13 has 2 sequels. If you add up all the numbers in the previous sentence, but count each digit as its own number, and add that with the version numbers below, that's 11, but if we add 2 more to that because we derive that from the fact that we're getting numbers from 2 different locations, we have 13, and that's why 13 will be the exact amount of new birds in the next patch.

Patch Notes for Version
- Added menu teleport options to two more areas after they are completed. (Won't say which they were for avoiding spoilers for those still making their way through.)

- Added a new option to turn on a death counter on the bottom-left of the screen. It can be found the Display segment of the options menu. (Someone on RobinLSL's LP mentioned this would be useful for LPs that do edits, so the viewer could keep track of elapsed time.)

- Added a new feature in the Graphics segment of the options menu. You'll just have to go see what it is. If you don't giggle when seeing it, you might want to go find your soul.

- Fixed a few wrongfully displayed resist types for enemies that dynamically change theirs.

- Fixed the map header from constantly displaying even after losing on a map.

- Fixed many tyops. (I didn't fix the typo in these patch notes though.)

- Fixed the issue where there weren't enough birds in the game, so I added more.

Video Games in the World
A few weeks ago, I was gifted a game on Steam just out of the blue... no really. This game was Pony Island, not to be confused with this Pony Island. Although if breeding ponies is your thing and you've always wanted to do so, the second link is for you.

The first link is a game that's not actually about ponies, check the trailer, or really, just don't because it's kind of a spoiler. For $5, I believe it's worth your time. I mean really though, it's called Pony Island and it's not about ponies, you should definitely get it. I know what you're thinking, 'I hate ponies.' That's what's so great about this, it's not about ponies, yet its title makes you think it is, like a misdirection. That's actually not the reason you should get the game though, but really, you should do it.


Alice said...

I heard about that Pony Island game the other day on the talkhaus or maybe IsoNation. (I forget which.) It actually looks kinda interesting. Do you happen to know if there's a non-Steam version of it?

ZephyrBurst said...

It doesn't look like it, though after playing the game, I see why it might not have a non-steam variant.

Anonymous said...

Zeph my game started in debug and now i feel dirty from cheating.
please forgive me
i didnt save any cheating i did

ZephyrBurst said...

Nah, there was a mishap on my end, I'll be fixing that. For now the download link has been removed.

Alice said...

@Zephyr Aw, that's too bad. I don't actually buy stuff from Steam anymore since I no longer support Valve's business practices.

lordalexander74 said...

I admit I giggled at the hat thing. Good excuse to finish my replay of this game, if I can peel myself away from Fallout 4.