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Fixes and Fur

Not a huge update this time, but I mainly wanted to get the Claire dash change out.

Patch Notes (Version
- Claire's back dash will now properly be stopped by pressing left or right. (Meaning you can use her back dash and tap forward to keep her in place and use the invulnerability frames.)

- Claire's charged cannon starting damage from 70% -> 65% of standard cannon power. It will now lose 1.25% power per hit instead of 1%, minimum is 50%. It now takes 12 shots to bring it to 50% instead of 20.

- A few other minor fixes throughout that I've seen. And of course, birds added. 2 more to be precise in Central City - South.

- The bird counter in the records sub-menu will not correctly increment by 80 when leveling up in Gate 6. Glad I finally got this game breaking bug fixed. I apologize for those of you that have reached max level there and have missed out on the 5040 birds that should have been counted.

Star Fox Zero
This game sucks and I was gonna go on a rant about it, but upon seeing these two videos, I found that they more eloquently said everything I was going to.

Honest Trailers

And my favorite reviewer


Trace said...

Why is Claire being nerfed so much? (Huge fan of the game, not meaning to be critical)

ZephyrBurst said...

She's just being brought down a tiny bit. Over the last few updates, she's been buffed quite a bit, and some of it was a bit much. The recent cannon charge change still has her with a gain over launch when it was at 50% damage. It's at 65% now, which is where I thought it should have been anyway, but decided to go higher and see how it played out.