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Time Flies

Its almost been a month since the last update and it doesn't feel like its really been that long. Today there are a lot of small fixes and tweaks to help the play experience and flow of some very late game bosses.

Patch Notes (Version
- The following changes have been made to the first boss of Chapter 20.
  - All attacks have been reduced in power by 1. (check below for a few exceptions)
  - The hands had their attack power reduced from 16 -> 12 and now linger a bit longer.
  - The fire near the end of the fight burns quite a bit less: Power: 12 -> 9
  - The eyes near the end of the fight hurt less: Power 11 -> 9
  - The eyes near the beginning of the fight have a slightly longer warning time on their attack.
  - The attack dropping from the ceiling has slightly reduced frequency.
  - Added some sound effects to a few things in the encounter, which should help with their telegraphs.

- The following changes have been made to Shadow Eura.
  - Attack power reduced by 1 for all attacks.
  - The rocks now have scan data.
  - He will always appear in the rocks in the same order. (Used to be based on where the player was standing when the rocks started falling.)
  - He will no longer escape from the rocks prematurely. (That's right, I nerfed him, but then fixed the early rock release exploit!)

- All of Brain Machine's attacks now give half a second longer of a warn time before firing them.
- Brain Machine's floor lasers will spawn at a higher frequency. (On phase 1 and 2.)

- Jerry and Claire have extra input on the various tutorial messages for the Chapter 16 event to make those not so dry. (Might do the same for the late Chapter 19 event too.)

- The door leading to Death's Hall can no longer be opened with only 2 of Death's pieces.

- Fix for the enemy barrier sometimes not being removed during the encounter on the second map of the Displaced Construction Site.

- The Nightmare Mode exclusive morph bomb ability now properly removes its charge level when releasing the charge key too early. (It also has the charging sound.)

- The Nightmare Mode exclusive dagger ability no longer crashes the game when they hit a wall.

- Speaking of Nightmare Mode, check the NPC in Central City that talks about that mode's exclusive abilities. Some of them have been made much easier to perform since those new abilities should all be as accessible as the others.

- Note: I didn't mention this a bazillion updates ago, but on Nightmare Mode, the Belmont abilities (including the recharge speed) are set to the cost of the first level of their skill in the skill tree as that set is very restrictive, more so than the others, without any upgrades.

- Other misc fixes for things I've seen in LPs and from feedback.

- There are now birds on the title screen lined up that are equal in number to your AP level. If you're at the end of the game and aren't max level, go grind so you can have them all. GO GRIND! (Don't really.) If you're playing on Nightmare Mode, well... I'm sorry. :(


Unknown said...

Which is chapter 20? Is it the grapple beam boss? please tell me it's the grapple beam boss.

ZephyrBurst said...

No, but the Brain Machine was given longer telegraphs, which is the one you're referring to.

Unknown said...

I may need to give this another try then :)

Kurtis Haren said...

Are you still planning on letting the B-Side of Bubble Tower be fan-made creations? Also, are they going to be linearly arranged, or will the B-Side entrance lead to a hub area like the Boss Rematch area?

Last question, are we going to be allowed to implement things like the type of level Raocow played through today? (vague because spoilers, possibly?) Just watching Raocow's video for today gave me a bunch of ideas that I'd like to play with when you do decide to let people make stuff for your B-Side area. (I kind of want to try mix-and-matching enemies and mechanics to see what happens, like removing all of the player's normal abilities and having the fight a normal-type boss with TD mechanics.)

Ilvocare said...

What prompted skipping the number, anyways? Did it even have a title before you jumped to 7? A 'ghost' title, if you will?

Ilvocare said...

Minor bug found: throwing Jerry into the pit in Jerry's Dream in Gate 6 and respawning breaks the music from playing.

ZephyrBurst said...

The B-Side is intended for tester submitted levels. It's not new gimmicks really, but ideas they have on how they'd construct a map for the game. Once I eventually release the project files, people can do anything they want with the game.

As for skipping 2.6. There's internal stuff I do with version control and all that jazz. 6 was a build a couple weeks ago that was going to be released, but never did. It had most of the boss changes, but nothing else.

Nekosihi said...

you should put a bird for each percent of completion

jaxter0987 said...

A bird for each AP Level is already enough "horror" on the title screen

LostSoldier20 said...

Very minor not important at all but possible bug:

Dying to the single slime in the stairway of Nightmare G causes it and the doorway to despawn, my guess is because of the 20 billion checkpoints. It is also saddening Jeremy doesn't call you an idiot for dying to it, if it is intentional.

al said...

Possible bug: In room SF_G, the bot I'm supposed to be chasing did a wall cling, then just slid to the ground and stopped. I thought it might be a test of my patience, but he's been standing there for twenty minutes... I can send a picture of where it happened if you need.

ZephyrBurst said...

I know of that periodic issue, Alex. For some reason, the simulation for him does not play out exactly the same. It doesn't break later things though, I've made sure of that.

Ilvocare said...

Bug that ranges from inconsequential to making an unwinnable situation: sometimes the Blood Tyrant or Dragon Knight will just start sliding on the X-axis towards the player character while doing their respective static attacks (for the BT, his invulnerable shield retaliation thing. For the DK, the whip-sword thing). For the latter, it's a minor nuisance, but for the former, it makes the fight literally unwinnable. He doesn't get OUT of that pose, he can't be hurt, and he doesn't stop shooting his five-shot spread. These issues occurred to me while I was going through the challenge arenas.

I've finished them all by now, of course.

Ilvocare said...

A minor convenience thing, but, uh... is there an actual way to leave the Boss Gallery Rematches and TD sections without having to game over, load from your last save, or win? I don't think there is...

ZephyrBurst said...

At the moment, no.